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What Minorityhoods Have You Experienced?
# 1 : Monday 10-6-2019 @ 11:59
Hi have experienced being a "minority" in the following contexts:
- * skin color (so called "racial")
- social status
- family status
- * marital status
- ability
- religion
- so called "ethnic" (regional accent and culture, [objective, assumed or perceived])
- nationality
- literacy
- * gender

I have only been discriminated on a few of these grounds (marked *), and never to an actionable level.
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# 2 : Monday 10-6-2019 @ 17:02
The biggest two I've experienced has been intentional social welfare prejudice;
People judging me, my family, my mother, other single mothers, single mothers on youtube videos, single mothers they see who have the nerve to be "out having a laugh".
Criticizing them, and feeling the automatic right to pontificate to them how they ought to be coping/surviving, what they buy/what they don't buy, how they spend their money and the assumption that "poor people" have 'some neck' in spending money on maintaining mental health equlibruim, like how dare they buy alcohol in a pub or 'go out and meet their friend, how dare they even have friends for that matter. How dare they spend money on a take away on a Friday night while leeching off of the government.
There is a never ending tsunami of people who think this way even when every study ever conducted on the effect of poverty and/or living on welfare shows the stress levels, depression, strain and need for self-happiness mediation is far, far higher (unrelatibly so) then those experienced by a typical adult raising children on typical income.

and second, unintentional hidden disability prejudice,
As someone who has lived their entire life with Dyspraxia, I have a list as long as my knob, of stories where people criticize me either directly, for asking "a stupid question" (bad teachers, friends, musicians) or "think differently" of me for not remembering them or their name when I meet them on the street.
I've had
"you saw me up town the last day and you blanked me"
"You sang at our wedding and you don't even remember me"
"James, I've known you for a year and you don't know my name!?"

It's embarrassing and tiring giving the same schpeel about what dyspraxia is, how it effects the brain, and how although it is essentially a motor-function based disability, how it effects all levels of concentration and makes the automatic memory-and-recollection tasks most people take for granted, impossible for someone with dispraxia.

In this reguards I feel these two I have have experienced more then any (if any) homophobia, religious prejudice,

Maybe I've had a bit of fat-shaming, but.... I should called it "attempted" fat-shaming, which is why it doesn't really count for me.
I've never felt "the sting" other fat people describe, when they try to describe the hurt they feel when they are bullied for their size.
For me, I've just never truly been embarrassed about being a fat person, for me, it just simply doesn't hurt my feelings.
# 3 : Tuesday 11-6-2019 @ 19:49
...did I just single-handily kill this topic?
# 4 : Tuesday 11-6-2019 @ 19:53
Someone said :
...did I just single-handily kill this topic?

That would be another minority you'd belong to.
But no, not to worry, most topics I create have that fate: they tend to be too wordy and not that interesting. (Apart from the "What did I learn today?" series)
# 5 : Saturday 7-3-2020 @ 17:00
For 2 weeks I have been a minority, banned from setting foot in the office, because of where I came from.
Quarantine over today!
Back in the office for the week-end
# 6 : Saturday 7-3-2020 @ 17:11
Someone said :
For 2 weeks I have been a minority, banned from setting foot in the office, because of where I came from.
Quarantine over today!
Back in the office for the week-end

Define " because of where I came from.", was it because you were in another country and came back or because you were born in another country and were just banned from the office for being say Spanish/Italian/French etc?
# 7 : Saturday 7-3-2020 @ 17:17
You are not fun
The truth will not enhance my victimhood
# 8 : Saturday 7-3-2020 @ 17:33
Someone said :
You are not fun
The truth will not enhance my victimhood

Oh so it was the former? in that case I totally agree with them
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