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Lack Of Libido Or Interest In Sex
# 1 : Wednesday 19-6-2019 @ 14:14
I am going down the healing route as I don't feel comfortable around women. I had a strong appettite for s*x but not as much interest now which may not be a bad thing. I got very interested in Tantra. I know there was a weekend of it recently. I keep trying reiki, healing and meditation.
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# 2 : Wednesday 19-6-2019 @ 23:15
Do you want to feel comfortable around women?
# 3 : Thursday 20-6-2019 @ 01:38
How much pornograghy do/did you consume?
You wouldn't feel hungry for whole foods if you were snacking all day with junk food.
Go check your test levels.
# 4 : Thursday 20-6-2019 @ 17:06
Too much of it maybe, take a break and go on a hiking holiday in Switzerland.
# 5 : Friday 21-6-2019 @ 08:12
OK. Maybe it works for some.
I once did a hiking holiday in Switzerland.
No booze or porn.
Just healthy air and healthy people.
And all I could think about was sex.
It totally didn't work.
# 6 : Friday 21-6-2019 @ 14:32
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