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Torn Between The Divide.
# 1 : Friday 5-7-2019 @ 19:22
Hi you guys and Girls...Im so torn between the divide in my life and I know that I cant fix it,,well I think I cant and that's why I hoped that some insightful educated advice from you lovely people would help or advise me...Im me and I know who I am and have done since four,,yet the lifestyle ive built through lack of choice now I find has me in a corner and im lost...I yearn to be me and to be allowed to be me,,yet I am simply terrified to make that final leap...ive so many things in my head with this,,but I am sound in the head,but just so conflicted all of the time ...Id just love to know if any one had any thoughts...My family are aware of me by the way and supportive but slow to loose the me they know,,even though they have met real me if that makes sense..I have their support..
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# 2 : Friday 5-7-2019 @ 20:11
Just remember that all those who make disparaging remarks, try to run you down, insult or offend you, do so, not because of who you are but, because they are deeply unhappy & insecure in their own lives.. Fuck the lot of em, be yourself.. Anyone that truly cares for you will be there for you, they are all that matters..
# 3 : Friday 5-7-2019 @ 20:34
Knowing who you are is a great start.
"yearn to be me and allowed to be me".....who is it that is not allowing you to be you..? What are you terrified of?

Being conflicted is ok. It just means you are processing the reality of being your true self, in whatever that means to you. This is good. No one is 100 percent anything . I have rarely met anyone who, if they answer openly and honestly, would ever claim to be 100 percent male or 100 percent female. The truth is, we are all somewhere along the spectrum between male and female, all be it that most feel somewhere close to one end or the other of either the male end or the female end of the spectrum.

You being conflicted suggests reluctance to align the inner feeling of who you are with outer packaging and presentation of you. A road well travelled by many before you. There is no easy answer. I would highly recommend having a chat with a gender specialist councillor. There are many.

Waiting for exactly the right time to tell the world around you that you are transgender (or whatever label you choose) never comes. There is never a right time. At some point you have to be as brave as you can be and face the world yourself. Be you. Nothing of the good ever comes easy. You would be amazed at how accepting the world can be. Most people respect authenticity.

A lifetime of weight will be liftted from your shoulders and you recover the "freedom" to be who you feel you are.

Everything is possible.
# 4 : Saturday 6-7-2019 @ 07:45
Having read your reply,i agree and I love the insight from it ..thank much.
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