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Another Mass Shooting
# 31 : Thursday 15-8-2019 @ 18:40
Just do it - as probably your T shirt says.

I don't really have time for this as I am working on a big project about the nightmare of porn and violence that will (hopefully) be on TV.

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# 32 : Thursday 15-8-2019 @ 19:10
Hi again.
Child porn, back in the 70's was legal in Scandinavia and Holland. It was readily available in the high street and in shopping centres etc.

I witnessed the horror of this. For example a woman holding a 4-year old child's legs apart while the men were raping her. There is no elasticity in a little girl's vagina - just a hole from previous raping. Destruction.

That little child's life and body was destroyed forever. Just like the countless thousands of defenseless children who were being legally destroyed - FOR MONEY - by the scumbag trash who could legally do this - FOR MONEY.

But the worst part was the complete ambivalence of 'normal' society. They could walk through the supermarket with complete indifference to the horror of what the children were enduring.

Only when there was a huge increase of children of the 'normal people' being raped was it banned again.

Porn is about the brutalization, rape and murder of females of whatever age. All the graphs show that the brutalization of females in reality is exactly mirrored in the huge escalation in violent porn.

Ditto violence.

For example ... Billions of Euro are spent in advertising - because the advertisers know that visual stimulation on screen affects people's behaviour, otherwise they wouldn't throw away their money.

The escalation of extreme violence on screen is mirrored exactly in society.
Exactly like porn.

Anyway, while people squabble from their own perspectives, brutal violence and attacks on females continues to escalate because of porn and the worship of violence by some sick elements of our society.

So let's both continue to strive to free the world of this filth and be happy.
# 33 : Sunday 1-9-2019 @ 18:28
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