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A Very Specific Query - The Specific Thread
# 1 : Sunday 8-9-2019 @ 13:23
Here is a very specific* query:

I am looking for an Android App that does something very very specific:
- Be an Android App
- Show a clock in a given timezone , BUT SHOW IT ON SCHEDULE
- OR Alternatively, if not on scheduled, show it synched with someone else's clock
- Have a widget (optional, but better...)

The idea is that when I travel, I want some key people (who are not tech savvy) to know at anytime what time it is where I am. But without them having to adjust manually the timezone (they'd have to know where I am...).
So I would be able either:
- To set a schedule in advance on their phone that would show the right location and time.
- OR an App that would synch with mine, so when I change the App on my phone it synchs theirs. Removing the need for scheduling.

What will not work:
* Regular timezone Apps will not do.
* Google Calendar meetings will not do.

* Specific means that it cannot be answered with a vague link to a Google search and "surely you'll find an answer here. This thread is where people can ask a specific question after they did all the due diligence work (=a google search at least). They are not looking for key words but for specific answers.
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# 2 : Sunday 8-9-2019 @ 15:47
It's specific enough that you'll probably NEVER find an app that does what you want.
# 3 : Sunday 8-9-2019 @ 15:50
I have never paid for an App in my life, but for this one I'd probably pay something.
Not a subscription, that's crazy talk, but something.

I am actually of one mind to think about creating a very very very basic App that would do that, but only for me!
# 4 : Monday 16-9-2019 @ 13:12
I finally did it as a website and used an App that simply shows the website as a widget.
It does the trick.
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