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The End Of Kik
# 16 : Wednesday 16-10-2019 @ 23:17
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# 17 : Thursday 17-10-2019 @ 10:54
After speaking to the responding officers he was given an appointment for Wednesday next week to give a full statement.

A week, a whole week. WTF, anytime i have had to make a statement it was done right after the incident, presumably because things are fresh in your mind. Perhaps they are giving him time to heal from his wounds but i can't see why it is going to take them a week to take a statement. How are they supposed to try and arrest those scumbags if there is no victim statement?

If i was him i would have demende my statement be taken there and then and i would have made sure that if the police were not seen to be looking for CCTV footage right away i would have a private investigator on the case right away.

I hope the animals who did this, including anyone who was there who did nothing to help, are arrested and have the book thrown at them, but i don't have much faith in that happening.
# 18 : Thursday 17-10-2019 @ 18:42
Apparently it was not kids who attacked them.
# 19 : Thursday 17-10-2019 @ 19:07
Dreadful stuff.. I dunno DC, I think the Gardai might be taking this one seriously.. Trying to bash someones head in with a hammer is attempted murder. I think they may be giving themselves some time to investigate thouroughly.. That's my hope anyway..
# 20 : Thursday 17-10-2019 @ 19:40
When is kik closing anybody know?
# 21 : Thursday 17-10-2019 @ 19:58
Someone said :
Apparently it was not kids who attacked them.

It was teenagers was it not that attacked him?

Yeah it says in that article 'youths'.
# 22 : Saturday 19-10-2019 @ 16:13
Still scary, what's more frightening is no one has been arrested and the gardai are not taking the statement until Wednesday.
# 23 : Tuesday 22-10-2019 @ 01:11
There must be a reason for that. Otherwise it would have been taken straight away.
# 24 : Tuesday 31-12-2019 @ 16:38
O i dont know but whats wrong with what you have here ?
put Gaire on your phone and chat there lol
Works for me as i only give my number out After a meet.
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