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Straight Male Fantasizing About Gay Sex
# 1 : Monday 14-10-2019 @ 15:32
I'm very much a straight male, I dont find myself attracted to men normally at at all but for a long time now I fantasize about being a submissive in gay sex. Had my first gay experience with a friend when we were very drunk when I was 17-18. Since then I've started have these gay thoughts. I then started meeting up with men, always as a submissive to an older dominant man. The first couple of times I probably didnt really enjoy and had some regret but after I got passed that initial stage I started to really enjoy it. When I watch porn now it's nearly always sissy porn, it really gets me turned on. I'm in a straight relationship now with a woman who I completely love and have great sex with but every so often I go back to having the gay thoughts.

So is there many other guys out there like this?
# 2 : Monday 14-10-2019 @ 21:41
90% of guys I ever got involved with insisted before, during and afterwards that they were straight. Then they came back again for more .....
Basically guys are horny IMO
# 3 : Tuesday 15-10-2019 @ 12:55
Hornyness plays a big part alright, were most of those guys top or bottom?
# 4 : Tuesday 15-10-2019 @ 13:33
I my early years like you I had male fun and then had a number of female relationships now in my mid 50's find my self having fun with males again i am now Bi but do not go all the way!
# 5 : Tuesday 15-10-2019 @ 13:39

When the wives go off sex lots of men look for pleasure elsewhere and often turn to guys for pleasure and men need satisfaction and release at all ages
# 6 : Tuesday 15-10-2019 @ 14:42
A lot of the straight men here seem to either want to be female or play the sexual part in sex, its interesting, I wonder is there much psychological research done on the "sissy" fetish.
# 7 : Tuesday 15-10-2019 @ 19:17
I found many wanted to be told what to do. Not dominated in an aggressive or roll play nature but just more sorta passive. Perhaps this is a psychological escape clause for them. "It just happened" kinda thing.
# 8 : Friday 18-10-2019 @ 00:41
I don't understand why you think you're straight. You are clearly bisexual.
# 9 : Friday 18-10-2019 @ 19:36

I am a Bi male that loves to play but do not go all the way but it does not lesson the pleasure when with another guy. Also I have been a serious CD for years I am a very normal guy but I like women's clothes and wearing then ... nothing strange about it all normal to people like us CD's you are making us all out to be some what abnormal... get a life its 2019 tick tock
# 10 : Sunday 20-10-2019 @ 16:58
# 11 : Monday 21-10-2019 @ 12:14
@greenmanpp well I guess it's how you define bisexual, I dont consider myself it because I dont find men attractive. I enjoy sexual acts with males even though I dont be attracted to them. But when I'm with women its completely different. You probably thinking I'm fooling myself but I'm not. I'd have no problem considering myself gay or bi if I thought that was the case. I really enjoy the sex with men but dont feel I have any repressed gay feelings. I find the situation myself unusual and hard to explain but not to worry I'm enjoying life
# 12 : Monday 21-10-2019 @ 12:23
@kenny10 hi Kenny, I think you're taking me up wrong. I like yourself love to cross dress and dont think it's the least bit abnormal. Love watching crossdressing and sissy porn too. I think it's all great and wonderful that ppl can explore these things in Ireland now. In the past this wasn't the case. I guess the reason I brought up the topic in the first place is that I find my own feelings and fantasies hard to explain, I dont find men attractive but yet love being submissive to another man and performing gay sexual acts. I don't find anything wrong in this at all but just wanted to hear from other men in the same boat as myself and hear from others with thoughts on the issue.
# 13 : Wednesday 23-10-2019 @ 15:43
I fantasize about having sex with men all the time. Mainly coz I'm a GAY male
# 14 : Wednesday 23-10-2019 @ 16:04
Good for you
# 15 : Wednesday 23-10-2019 @ 23:08
I'm similar, in that I'm not attracted to men but love sexual contact and fun with guys.
I find women sexy and attractive not men but i would consider myself bi because i love cock fun too
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