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Lessons Learnt.
# 16 : Monday 25-11-2019 @ 18:44
This is a very articulate and well written post and I am sorry you didn't work out but commend your attitude in how your dealing with it .you must also commend the other person for being honest with you and being straight up about it and although not easy I can imagine you will find love again and you have so so much to offer and I can tell that simply by how well you've detailed your post and so balanced throughout..I do wish you only happiness going forward and you can consider me a friend and an allie always my dear..xxxx
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# 17 : Wednesday 27-11-2019 @ 14:59
Thank you so much for your lovely words Chloe. Also you can never have too many friends so I absolutely will see you as a friend. Thank you very much. I hope you know that I am a friend too.

I have nothing but love & respect for my Ex Girlfriend. She is a lovely woman & I have will always love her. She taught me so much about myself. Our breakup was very amicable & respectful. It was the best breakup I've ever gone through if you could say that.

Life is strange. But it is also a beautiful thing too. I'm open to finding love again and hopefully I do. Everyone deserves to be happy.

On that note I shall say once more thank you.
# 18 : Monday 2-12-2019 @ 13:56
So over the weekend I attended Pink Training. It's an annual event that is attended by Students, Student Union Full time & Part time officers, staff from USI & others. It is a training & networking event for the student's who would be apart of LGBTQ+ Community. It is a fantastic event that happens over 3 days and there are so many workshops, events, talks etc that take place. It was a great event to attend but it was also a hard one for me because I was surrounding by so many people from who identify as LGBTQ+ and it was hard seeing so many people being in couples. Hard because I could see what I am missing out on with regarding my ex girlfriend. We were friends on Facebook even after we broke up but she unfriended me on FB over the weekend and when we were on the coach back to Dublin from Galway that's when I realised that. I wasn't ready for the emotions that would come with her unfriending me on FB. This may seem weird to some of you which is fine. But I was somewhat devastated. I cried pretty much all the way home from Galway. I am not feeling great today, I think I'm coming down with the flu or a cold which isn't helping my mood. Breakup's are so horrible. It's been nearly a month and I am still feeling devastated. I really hope the feelings associated with breakup's dissipate soon. I hate feeling like his.
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