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Exhibitionism Fantasy
# 1 : Wednesday 27-11-2019 @ 14:22
Hi everybody.

Long-time member, seldom post anything so here goes!! We are a bi-curious M/F couple.

We have discussed at length the fantasy of exhibitionism and perhaps somebody joining in. We have made contact with several people but have yet to hook up with anybody and anybody we have talked to seem to loose enthusiasm when it comes to an actual physical meet.

Anyway, I have read a couple of post here about the erotic adult cinema in Dublin, Glamworld I think! I was wondering if it is still open and if anyone has any experience attending there. We are looking for somewhere relaxed and clean and not “too seedy” to have people watch and perhaps join in. I have tried calling but the number is not active.

Also we would love to hang out with TS/TG/TV’s etc. Wondering if there are places where like-minded people hang out and if they welcome couples!

So basically looking to be very adventurous!! Any guidance or advice would be most welcome thank you all in advance.

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# 2 : Wednesday 27-11-2019 @ 15:46
I have sent you an email with full details

# 3 : Wednesday 27-11-2019 @ 17:44
Thank you very much we will have a read of the email and get back to you. Appreciate the guidance.
# 4 : Wednesday 27-11-2019 @ 18:00
So looking forward to your reply, you will notice I an a serious player not a messier and will show up to ranged meets,


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