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Thank You
# 1 : Tuesday 3-12-2019 @ 22:32
Been a long time but just wanted to say many thanks to the friends I met on here who were able to make it along to my husbands wake and service today. Facebook may be king these days but I don't forget where some of the most interesting people I met first congregated, and ate together on the odd Gourmet Meet.

Thank you guys.
# 2 : Tuesday 3-12-2019 @ 23:41
Likewise Kneel.
# 3 : Wednesday 4-12-2019 @ 00:48
Very sorry to hear of your loss Kneel.
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# 4 : Wednesday 4-12-2019 @ 07:31
My deepest sympathies to you Kneel.
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# 5 : Wednesday 4-12-2019 @ 15:09
Was good to see you the other day at your husband's wake, Kneel, but I am so very sorry that it was not in happier circumstances.

I fondly remember meeting your other half at Gaire meets in years gone by, and the lovely barbeques you both hosted so graciously at your house earlier this decade. And of course your Civil Partnership ceremony.

Your husband was a gent through and through, and a kind, gentle and considerate man. He will be very missed.

Keep those happy memories close to hand in your time of mourning.


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