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Fair City-Will & Cristiano
# 1 : Wednesday 4-12-2019 @ 21:31
Poor Cristiano. Will is such a dick
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# 2 : Thursday 5-12-2019 @ 15:09
Domestic abuse happens in same-sex relationships and households too, of course. The public perception of domestic abuse is male on female in heterosexual relationships - which is all too commonplace - but female on male abuse and same sex abuse is common too, just rarely talked about and publicised.

A common tactic of the abuser/perpetrator is to portray the victim as the abuser and themselves as the abused. This is exactly what Will is doing - very devious and manipulative.

I can only imagine that this story line won't end well.
# 3 : Thursday 5-12-2019 @ 17:23
I knew someone, who had a claim of abuse made against him and he wouldn't harm a fly. She did it, to get her hands on his property and assets. He never got justice, died not long after the divorce came through and she got what she wanted.
# 4 : Thursday 5-12-2019 @ 19:20
Frodo a thread all to Will and Cris. I'm impressed!

Damien's ex used to hit him. She was abusing him for a while. That's why he copped the warning signs early.

The two lads were left in a bad state last night.

# 5 : Thursday 5-12-2019 @ 20:47
The scenes in last night's episodes were a very tough watch but well done on RTE and Fair City for highlighting this issue. Will got carted off to prison tonight.
# 6 : Monday 17-2-2020 @ 10:05
Yeah that Suzanne was hammering the crap out of Damien.
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