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# 1 : Friday 13-12-2019 @ 19:15
Is Scotland next, to depart and is it the start of UK's fracture?
# 2 : Friday 13-12-2019 @ 20:36
Absolutely.. Then a unified Ireland even though we seriously can't afford it..
# 3 : Saturday 14-12-2019 @ 09:13
The UK, would have to pay a compensation package for the division and problems they have caused to Ireland.
# 4 : Saturday 14-12-2019 @ 15:12
Scotland have already rejected independence remember. This seems to have been forgotten somehow. Politicians are there to carry out the will of the people and not their own hidden agendas. The Labour party in the UK are reaping the consequences of not listening to the electorate. We didn't like your democratic decision so we will ask the question again and until we get the answer we are happy with. Remind you of events in Ireland by any chance? I am British and absolutely despise the conservatives but the Labour party will never be the same again. I am almost ashamed to say I would have voted for the upper class twits that are the Tories. At least there is a chance Brexit will finally happen.
# 5 : Saturday 14-12-2019 @ 15:31
Have you forgotten, the UK was in the EU and Brexit vote was in 2016 not 2014?
# 6 : Sunday 15-12-2019 @ 09:28
That's the point.. Independence referendum was in 2014, two years before the brexit referendum in which scotland voted 62% in favour of remaining in the EU. That nuber has probably increased by now, I Imagine the result of a new independence referendum would be very different, which Downing street is very aware of & why they refuse to allow a new one. This is essentially holding a nation hostage and smacks of imperialism.

Interestingly, 'How to move to scotland' trended as a google search after GE19 results..
https://www.indy100.com/article/move-to-scotland-general-election etc ...
# 7 : Sunday 15-12-2019 @ 09:51
Don't forget the threat from Cameron, to veto any application from Scotland for EU membership.
# 8 : Tuesday 17-12-2019 @ 14:35
Easiest way is for the UK and Wales to leave the UK, and the UK (Scotland + West-Northern-Ireland) to remain in the EU.

Or Scotland and to join Northern-Ireland to join Ireland (thus remaining in Europe) as a restyled Celtic Union or Celtic Nation. French Brittany could join at a later date in case of Frexit!
# 9 : Tuesday 17-12-2019 @ 16:54
I'd say, If Scotland leaves and it may? Wales will look to leave, a decade or so after and if not soon after?
# 10 : Wednesday 18-12-2019 @ 10:21
Scotland want to stay and are looking for another referendum not leave!
# 11 : Wednesday 18-12-2019 @ 11:38
Someone said :
Scotland want to stay and are looking for another referendum not leave!

They want to stay in Europe, they want to leave the UK.
# 12 : Wednesday 18-12-2019 @ 21:10
Of course Scotland want to remain in the EU - that was made very clear in the breakdown of the Brexit referendum. I believe Scotland could and would do very well as an independent country.

SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon has repeatedly made it very clear that in light of Brexit the vote and the triggering of Article 50, that another Scottish independence referendum is inevitable. The question is when Scotland will vote to leave the UK, not if.

Boris Johnson can rant and rave about not ever allowing Scotland to leave the Union, but what can he actually do? Send the British army north over the border - place Edinburgh and Glasgow under siege?

Sturgeon would do well to wait a couple of years though - until Brexit has actually finally taken place - and the resulting sh*tstorm that will result in Britain will make leaving the UK extremely appealing for the Scottish.
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