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A Little Psychic Done
# 1 : Monday 6-1-2020 @ 08:13
Imagine a psychic reading when you were 21: tell us what it would have been and how it would have changed your life.

In earnest mine could have been anything, I’d have ignored it: if it is true (or more likely, self-actualising) I do not want to know and (more likely) if it is not I do not want to know...

But what could your life have been if you had received a life-changing psychic reading?

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# 2 : Monday 6-1-2020 @ 13:14
I made the mistake of looking at YT tarot readers over Xmas. There's literally 100's of them. Most was generic BS. However 1 or 2 got surprisingly close to actuality. 1 even named names, exact 1st name and surname initial. I'm now looking around the room for the cameras
# 3 : Monday 6-1-2020 @ 14:05
You mean YouTube?
How does it work? Is it dedicated to you or mass reading?
# 4 : Monday 6-1-2020 @ 15:43
Mass reading by star sign. Personals are available for a price.
# 5 : Monday 6-1-2020 @ 15:46
Someone said :
Mass reading by star sign. Personals are available for a price.

And that first name + initial was correct for you or for the majority of people watching? How specific a name was it, on a scale between Mary and Milagros?
# 6 : Monday 6-1-2020 @ 16:49
It wasnt just the name, there were several other accurate details, that was just the clincher
# 7 : Tuesday 7-1-2020 @ 07:55
When you visit a psychic performance they have usually either hired actors to sit in the audience and be amazed, or they carry out some research on the people in attendance which is shit easy in this day of peoples lives playing out on the internet. You book tickets and you have already given them enough info to search out your details.
If you log on to them online, youtube or otherwise then you do the same, it is easy for them to dig up some details they can use.
For general predictions, its just picking out the most common of things that can apply to many and hoping that someone will see a match to their own lives, and if they really want to they will.

Can you give us an example of what they said and how you believe it was specific to you?

Its a load of bollox, these tricks havent changed much over the last hundred years, the only difference now is that it is super easy to find details on people these days, making the 'psychics' job a little easier.
# 8 : Tuesday 7-1-2020 @ 09:52
Do you really believe that Gerry_W2 does not know that?

Most everyone does... he clearly does have that awareness and skepticism.
Like most gamblers know that slot machines are rigged and most addicts know that their substances of “choice” cannot fill the hole in their lives.

Maybe he just likes the entertainment, and similar to potheads he may look away on what it means for the victims of his choices...

# 9 : Tuesday 7-1-2020 @ 11:47
# 10 : Tuesday 7-1-2020 @ 12:08
There are two types of viewer for these psychics, ghost hunters etc. Those gullible enough to believe them and those who consider them bubblegum comedy entertainment. I do enjoy a good laugh.
If I did want to see the dead walking I would watch the new Doctor Who series.
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