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Fantasy Vacation/Dirty Travel Advice
# 1 : Saturday 29-2-2020 @ 00:13
Hi first topic so please be kind. Not totally familiar with forum.

Basically I'm looking for travel advice but a bit of background:

I'm a gay male in my early 30s. Sadly still in the closet and lack the confidence to come out. Not looking for advice with this as already overpaying a therapist for the privilege. Because of the above I have long dreamed of taking a trip where the only purpose is to have the freedom and setting to live out all my sexual fantasies with the comfort of anonymity. I am a total bottom and noting turns me on more than the idea of being treated like a slut and forced to worships big and beautiful cocks. I am very open minded and love the idea of trying all the various kinks (provided they are legal). I particularly love to PnP.

For the past number of years I have become increasingly interested in the party/fetish nights that appear to take place in more exciting places in the world. As this has developed, I have decided to treat myself to a holiday where the sole purpose is to live out my fantasies, try new things, and be free to be the real me.

I am looking for advice on where to go. My ideal place would include:

Gay only/specific accommodation (not absolutely necessary if the other boxes are ticked)
Good selection of sex parties/cruising spots (recommendations please!)
Good for a solo traveller
Party drugs easy to obtain
Easy/guaranteed [sex (I'm good looking)/list]
Preferably Europe

Any help much appreciated. Apologies for the rambling nature of this post but a few beers down
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