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Fantasy Vacation/Dirty Travel Advice
# 1 : Saturday 29-2-2020 @ 00:13
Hi first topic so please be kind. Not totally familiar with forum.

Basically I'm looking for travel advice but a bit of background:

I'm a gay male in my early 30s. Sadly still in the closet and lack the confidence to come out. Not looking for advice with this as already overpaying a therapist for the privilege. Because of the above I have long dreamed of taking a trip where the only purpose is to have the freedom and setting to live out all my sexual fantasies with the comfort of anonymity. I am a total bottom and noting turns me on more than the idea of being treated like a slut and forced to worships big and beautiful cocks. I am very open minded and love the idea of trying all the various kinks (provided they are legal). I particularly love to PnP.

For the past number of years I have become increasingly interested in the party/fetish nights that appear to take place in more exciting places in the world. As this has developed, I have decided to treat myself to a holiday where the sole purpose is to live out my fantasies, try new things, and be free to be the real me.

I am looking for advice on where to go. My ideal place would include:

Gay only/specific accommodation (not absolutely necessary if the other boxes are ticked)
Good selection of sex parties/cruising spots (recommendations please!)
Good for a solo traveller
Party drugs easy to obtain
Easy/guaranteed [sex (I'm good looking)/list]
Preferably Europe

Any help much appreciated. Apologies for the rambling nature of this post but a few beers down
# 2 : Tuesday 4-8-2020 @ 16:24
Hi, don't know if you have taken your exotic holiday yet but if you have I hope you found your ideal spot. If you planning another one the best places for your type of fun (seems to be the same as mine);
1) Gran Caneria Islands. Great nudist beaches there with lots & lots of action, cannot go a couple of hours there without some cock jabbing you in the face.
2) Beach 19 in the Costa da Caprica below Lisbon (just come back from there.) Dunes & wooded area are a haven of hard willing cocks.
3) Mallorca has a nudist beach just around the corner of the big shopping centre, Mainly on the side of the cliffs, lots of sunbathing spots & hide away caves for great action,
4) Tenerife, yellow mountain next to south airport, huge beach there but have to cross over rocks on left to get to the action spot. Lots of flashing throbbing cocks hiding between the rocks.
Those are the ones I have been to & always came away satisfied, there are plenty more around Europe. Google gay nudist beaches in the seaside resorts you fancy going to.
Good hunting & don't forget the lube as well as suncream to stop your stiffy from sun burn.
# 3 : Tuesday 4-8-2020 @ 19:04
Hi there OP, as saman suggested, Gran Canaria (Maspalomas/Playa des Ingles) is a good place for your kind of hedonistic oriented gay holiday. There are many gay exclusive resorts which are clothing optional and cruisey but the action does need to take place behind closed doors. There is a huge gay beach which is partly nude and a lot of action takes place in the extensive dunes nearby.

The Yumbo Centre in Playa des Ingles - basically a stepped-down layout 1970s shopping plaza - is filled with gay bars with drag acts and dark rooms and leather/kink fetish spots if that scene takes your fancy.

Sitges, a resort on the Costa Brava just South of Barcelona, is very gay oriented with a big party/club scene and gay exclusive accommodations.

Mykonos, a Greek Island in the Aegean Sea is also a popular gay destination, but is very expensive these days and caters to an mainly older gay male clientele. Nude beaches abound on Mykonos.

Berlin also has a huge gay scene, with the leather, S&M aspect pretty big there. Amsterdam is also good with a big gay scene but not quite as “decadent” party-oriented as Berlin.

Further afield, in the USA Key West or Fort Lauderdale in Florida has many clothing optional, cruisey gay male exclusive resorts, as does Palm Springs in California.

Have fun and be safe!

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