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Flatmate Weirdo
# 1 : Tuesday 15-6-2004 @ 18:43
the guys a menace. i've only moved in with him for three weeks, and already i feel like sucide. He belittles me in such a fashion that is camp and tongue in cheek. I think this has been a very bad move. By the way he's gay. but that don't bother me in the slightest, Im straight. why should this be an issue? It isn't. He's a very nice man but, get this. How do i tell him that i want to move out? If I hurt his feelings, he's bound to turn bitchy and spread rumours about me. What do I do? or maybe i should just grow up and stop whining? Am I justified in feeling this bad about myself? Maybe he's right. The worst of it is that I told him some personal stuff, which he could use as ammunition. I thought I could trust him, but now I know I cannot.
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# 2 : Tuesday 15-6-2004 @ 18:52
no you dont have to live with anyone who treats you that way..if he's belittling you then he is not thinking of your feelings and here you are worrying that if you move out you'll hurt him..maybe you need to tell him that his comments are hurting you and while you know he means them as a joke, they are still hurting and if they continue then you'll have to move out..as for spreading rumours, unless you share mutual friends then who is he going to tell
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# 3 : Tuesday 15-6-2004 @ 18:56
trubl is tho, I think your right, but i may be blowing all things outa pro-portion. thanks
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# 4 : Tuesday 15-6-2004 @ 18:57
do the comments he makes hurt you
if they do then you're not blowing it all out of proportion
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# 5 : Tuesday 15-6-2004 @ 19:25
Might not be all his fault Loner, he could see you as a big mistake, and so Straight it hurts. Either ways, tell him you dont understand his brand of humour and are planning to move out, or stay, write all your experiences down and send it to the BBC as the next ''Gimme Gimme Gimme''
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# 6 : Tuesday 15-6-2004 @ 20:24
Have you moved out before? If not I'd try and get used to living with a stranger before u jump to paranoid conclusions - we've all been there in that twilight zone when we don't know what to make of that person we're living with.

In the meantime laugh off his jokes and try to engage in other topics of interest.
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# 7 : Tuesday 15-6-2004 @ 20:31
you want to get rid of him, start talking to yourself as you wander around the house, then suddenly look at him, be silent for a few moments then say "soon" repeat with increasing volume till he leaves. if he refuses, take all the cutlery and place it on the floor with not a single piece touching another. if he tries to tidy up later scream at him, "what the fuck, do you know how long that took to do"
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# 8 : Tuesday 15-6-2004 @ 20:54
I think upon hearing the ''Soon'' thing, i'd remove all the cutlery straight away as a safety measure
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# 9 : Tuesday 15-6-2004 @ 20:55
Faust - Jeez remind me never to share with you lol lol
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# 10 : Tuesday 15-6-2004 @ 20:58
you wont have to Im marrying the rich widow anthrax who has lung cancer.
fuck said her name: back off shes mine, the estate the money everything stay back!
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# 11 : Tuesday 15-6-2004 @ 22:07
Well, you could try talking to the guy and let him know how you feel... Oh stop laughing it might work!
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# 12 : Tuesday 15-6-2004 @ 22:15
In my experience of house sharing, get it out in the open and the sooner the better
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# 13 : Tuesday 15-6-2004 @ 23:00
Listen Loner if you are feeling like this.. just sit him down an talk to him, tell him its not workin out, I presume it is his flat, so pack your bags and go. Dont let anyone belittle you.. if he is been as nasty as you say well I don't think you are goin to hurt his feelings by moving out.
Good Luck
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# 14 : Tuesday 15-6-2004 @ 23:01
Go into his room at 7am wearing your sexiest lingerie, pull back his covers and take his cock in your mouth.
He will be a pussycat in the afternoon
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# 15 : Wednesday 16-6-2004 @ 00:14
Speaking of flatmates i lived with this ass from athlone during the last college term. He thought i was weird cos i wear gloves inside when im cold and he told my then boyfriend to stay away from me!
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