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Space X: Privatizeing Space, Space Porn (=tourism), Or Good Sense?
# 1 : Sunday 31-5-2020 @ 09:50
Space X had its first successfully "manned" mission.

Is it the start of a fully privately exploited space, with governement handing over the profits to the private sectior after over half a century of publicly funded exploration?

Nasa even gave free advertisement to Tesla cars on that occasion.

In fairness, Space X has been cheaper and faster than any previous shuttle program... but was it only a trick to get an "in" and then up the prices? [Nasa has 2 other vendors lined up in case...]
# 2 : Thursday 4-6-2020 @ 05:56
The public don't "own space"
# 3 : Thursday 4-6-2020 @ 09:54
Also it sounds kinda hilariously arrogant to talk about "exploiting space"

Like... we are nothing. We less significant by an unimaginably larger degree of insignificance, then a yeast infection on a Norwegian squirrel's ballsack, talking about "exploiting" the entire Eurasian continent.
# 4 : Thursday 4-6-2020 @ 18:20
More proof, the rich have too much money to spend and won't spend it on hummanity. They should, clean their room before heading out for a night in space
# 5 : Friday 5-6-2020 @ 01:16
That's true of all human endeavor.
# 6 : Saturday 6-6-2020 @ 12:49
Exploiting (natural) resources is part of the definition of humanity.
You may be referring to the negative of "exploiting": taking advantage, taking too much, abusing, being underhanded, being unfair, using backdoors or loopholes.

But to exploit is to make the best use of a resource.

Using something well doe sit automatically mean "being a user "...
# 7 : Saturday 6-6-2020 @ 14:09
True, I'll definitely give you that one.
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