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Pride Is 50 Years Old This Year
# 1 : Friday 26-6-2020 @ 17:12
So in the year after the famous Stonewall riots of June 1969, when a group of LGBT patrons of the Stonewall Inn, a gay bar in downtown Manhattan in New York, sick of the constant police raids and harrassment, fought back over a three day period, many gay rights organizations were set up throughout the Western world. Although there has been very small-scale, passive advocacy groups for gay rights in the 1950s and 60s, Stonewall marked the defining moment when the modern LGBT rights movement was born.

The first big Pride marches - and initially they were protest marches for basic freedoms and rights denied to them by a homophobic and repressive world, were held in June 1970 in New York, San Francisco and Chicago. In 1971, London saw its first Pride march, followed by Paris, Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Sydney, Brussels, Cologne, West Berlin, Copenhagen, Stockholm and Amsterdam in 1972. The 1970s was the first decade of major advances in LGBT rights and for the first time, LGBT people came out in large numbers and became visible and politically active.

Dublin’s first Pride March was held in 1983, the the wake of the anger at the verdict of the murder of Declan Flynn, a gay man beaten to death in Fairview Park the previous year.

And the rest, they say, is history. Do you think Pride parades still have a place in modern Western society, where equality has been achieved and homophobia and discrimination on the wane? Are they still relevant? Are they now too commercialised and hedonistic?

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# 2 : Friday 26-6-2020 @ 21:38
I used to love it. Now I hate it.
# 3 : Saturday 27-6-2020 @ 23:46
Still needed today, still relevant with homophobia and ignorance lingering in places like a bad smell.
# 4 : Sunday 28-6-2020 @ 20:20
Its home pride this year and not just for baking bread
# 5 : Monday 29-6-2020 @ 23:12
Last year's Pride in London was mental with over a million on the streets, great buzz.
# 6 : Wednesday 1-7-2020 @ 14:01
My coming out in Ireland was a nightmare in the90s, I wish I was dead, a life was not worth living, they revived me after three days in ICU last time, there was never a place for me, no Pride, just parental abuse and bitter tears!!!
# 7 : Wednesday 1-7-2020 @ 21:16
Sorry to hear that Monaro.
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