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Chechnya's War On Gays
# 1 : Tuesday 30-6-2020 @ 16:02
An undercover documentary exposing the campaign of terror against gay people in Chechnya will be shown on BBC 4 Wednesday July 1st at 22.00. It might prompt more people to get actively involved in challenging this gross violation of Human Rights, if I come across any links that oppose this campaign I will add them to this post, and if anyone else can do likewise that would be helpful.
# 2 : Wednesday 1-7-2020 @ 22:25
20 minutes in and already so angry that I rang the embassy of the Russian barbarians (4922048) here and bit the head off some fucker, if I could, I would rip the head off the piece of filth that runs Chechnya.
# 3 : Wednesday 1-7-2020 @ 22:29
We should offer Bounties, on their troops?
# 4 : Wednesday 1-7-2020 @ 22:44
Sent a message via their facebook page, for a more direct link contact via press@rusemb.org.uk
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