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# 1 : Monday 27-7-2020 @ 15:30
I've had some really nice stays in hotels lately. I've booked into one of the Radisson Blu hotels for a few weeks time and I'm looking forward to it. Got a Jacuzzi and sound proofed rooms and all the mod cons. It has a nice balcony and two bathrooms.
Any recommendations for an overnight stay?
Preferably in Dublin.....
# 2 : Monday 27-7-2020 @ 15:46
What are their prices like, are they gouging the Irish tourists already?
# 3 : Monday 27-7-2020 @ 16:11
Someone said :
What are their prices like, are they gouging the Irish tourists already?

I work shift so when I am off the Monday and Tuesday I would book the odd time on a Monday night as the prices are cheaper.

I used to spend €1000 on drugs a month and lived week to week. I don't anymore and even have savings now. So no matter the price I find it is well worth it to give myself a treat.

The Radisson Blu? Prices start at €135 and go up to €300 I think.

Oh the Presidential Suite is over the €2000 mark per night.

I just had a look at September's prices and they are about €50 dearer. Probably hiking up their prices with the new tax rebate on staycations that is coming in in September.
# 4 : Monday 27-7-2020 @ 18:02
True that, treat yourself and enjoy.
# 5 : Monday 27-7-2020 @ 18:20
# 6 : Thursday 30-7-2020 @ 03:38
I have two vouchers for some 4 star hotels down the west, that I won before the covid outbreak, so eventually I'm gonna have to find some guys to treat to a free luxury over night stay, before the vouchers run out.
# 7 : Thursday 30-7-2020 @ 07:10
I use pigsback.com to book my Irish hotels. Cheaper, sometimes dinner is included too. Have to admit, I've not had a bad hotel Yet. Treated like anyone staying on full tariff.
I tend to find hotels on there that are less corperate and more family run or a small chain. Even had upgrades to suites for free too.
Ireland has a lot to offer anyone who wants to staycation. I've not gone abroad in 3 years now. And I'm still finding small pockets of Ireland I've not tried yet.
# 8 : Wednesday 5-8-2020 @ 11:55
Got some chocolate dipped strawberries sent up to my hotel room for my stay tonight
# 9 : Wednesday 5-8-2020 @ 14:00
Irish hotels are pretty expensive as European countries go, but the standard of service and the warmth and friendliness from the staff in a good hotel - 4 star or a good three star - can be exceptional.

Myself and my partner usually take two short breaks away in Ireland each year in addition to one foreign holiday, when circumstances and finances allow. In early July we stayed down in Mayo, in the Breaffy House Resort Hotel, a wonderful 4 star hotel in a 19th Century Victorian building on lovely grounds. The food was superb and the staff were brilliant - we got a room upgrade at only a very small additional charge.

I can’t recommend Breafy House enough. Other hotels we stayed in over the past few years include the Newpark in Kilkenny, Radisson Blu in Cork, Westport Coast in Mayo and the Salthill Hotel in Galway city. All excellent!
# 10 : Wednesday 5-8-2020 @ 16:42
The Ashling hotel is quite nice. B&B €150. Superior Delux King Suite with a balcony.
# 11 : Tuesday 1-9-2020 @ 20:11
I stayed in the Radisson Blu Royal last night. Lovely hotel. I got a room booked in advance for €135. It's not coming up for anything less than €200 now. I bagged myself a bargain.
# 12 : Tuesday 1-9-2020 @ 21:52
Do you work as a secret shopper or something..? If not, you should.. Little old hotel reviewer you..
# 13 : Tuesday 1-9-2020 @ 22:03
I know.... I'm like four in a bed!

Just thought it might be good to leave reviews.
# 14 : Wednesday 2-9-2020 @ 11:58
@ PowPow - which Radisson Blu did you stay in? Dublin or down the country?

My OH and I stayed in the Radisson Blu in Cork for Christmas 2017 for 5 nights - great hotel - very modern, minimalist decor, attentive and warm staff and the food offering was pretty good. The swimming pool and leisure suite was good also - which is a must for me when staying in a 4 star hotel on a break away.

Personally, I think the standard of Irish hotels is pretty good compared with hotels abroad. Tea/coffee making facilities and an Ironing board in nearly all rooms of any Irish hotel I've stayed in over the past 20 odd years.

In July, my OH and myself stayed in the beautiful Breaffy House Resort hotel just outside Castlebar, Mayo to celebrate his birthday. Lovely 4 star hotel with superb service and a room upgrade to a mini suite which really made our stay there all the much better. I can't recommend the Breaffy more highly!

There are also some great deals available with hotels at the moment if you look online - I always use Booking.com for both international and Irish travel. Excellent, no-nonsense site.

The last hotel I stayed in was the Imperial in Galway city centre for only one night the week before last as I was down in Galway for the funeral of my first cousin. It was a three star and was so-so. Friendly staff but badly needed a bit of a refurb in places, food in the bar was meh and a party of youngsters was playing blaring, thumping music in their rooms till 3am in the morning. €78 for a Monday night for my room was very good value for a late booking for Galway.

I have a TripAdvisor account and do hotel reviews there. It's a good place to get honest reviews as many hotels just give themselves very positive reviews which skews the overall score on other websites.

# 15 : Wednesday 2-9-2020 @ 13:51
The one on Golden Lane around the corner from Georges St.

I've just only recently sussed out TripAdvisor and find it a useful tool. I might set up an account and rate them online instead.

Took me ages to figure out the bath stopper thingy. That really taxed me!
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