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Art - Do You Create Or Appreciate?
# 16 : Tuesday 15-9-2020 @ 14:15
Someone said :
I cut a very frustrated figure at the moment as my living circumstances don't allow me to use my monitors.

My guitar amp is too loud for regular indoor use, even at the lowest setting i worry i might be disturbing the neighbours in the evening. I run it into a recorder and plug a jack into the mic out on the amp to kill any sound except that from the monitor speakers which are easier to turn to a lower volume. Its not ideal but i don't worry about being a noisy prick.
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# 17 : Saturday 19-9-2020 @ 10:37
I was terrible at arts at school: visual arts, music, acting alike.
My only skill is in a type of pun called “contrepeteries”: https://rb.gy/pae9bu
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