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Funniest Conspiracy Theories (Debunked, Or Not...)
# 1 : Thursday 29-10-2020 @ 05:07
I think FoxNews created the least sophisticated, but highly effective conspiracy theory, based on “the dog ate my homework”: https://www.foxnews.com/media/tucker-carlson-hunter-biden-documen etc ...

They claim
A. A “source” send them by mail, some damning documents.
B. They have no doubts these documents were genuine. And damning.
C. The package arrived empty.
D. They never made electronic copies. Because 2020, you know, FoxNews trusts mail-in 100%.

So in one single made-up story they manage to fuel a conspiracy about Biden’s alleged corruption, another about a deep-state at work, and between the lines one about the unreliability of mail-in voting!
# 2 : Thursday 29-10-2020 @ 18:38
This was a good one from a few years back

For ages it was going around, apparently it was a hoax created by a guy who did the special effects for Deep Space Nine and lots of people believed it (some still do and think the claim it was a hoax is the real hoax). There is more about it here including another fucking awesome video of a space craft that was apparently another hoax from the same guy.

https://alien-ufo-sightings.com/2016/08/alien-interview-video-off etc ...
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