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Mothers And Children's Homes: Are You Impacted?
# 1 : Tuesday 19-1-2021 @ 11:08
Genocide, rape, child abuse, mercantile adoptions...
Have you been a victim directly or indirectly?
Can justice ever be restored? How?
# 2 : Tuesday 19-1-2021 @ 12:57
Our FG/FF/L enablers, will try and get the church off the hook and that angers me more.
# 3 : Tuesday 19-1-2021 @ 15:02

Republic of Shame
By Caelainn Hogan

Stories from Ireland's
Institutions for 'Fallen Women'

At the Book launch in Hodges Figgis 2019 I met some victims, the book is based on true heart rendering events. The Book shines a light on the bizarre culture whose legacy remains very much alive

When released in hardback it was nominated for An Post Book of the Year prise 2019 it was runner-up

Caelainn, Is a Journalist after she completed her masters at the College of Journalism, Columbia University worked for some time with the New York Times and other well known Newspapers Presently with the Irish Times also worked as a War Correspondent in Chad.


https://www.irishtimes.com/opinion/mother-and-baby-homes-report-c etc ...

The above is a copy of a victim interview

# 4 : Tuesday 19-1-2021 @ 17:19
Yet another thing to add to the very long list of past abuses of Irish people, particularly women and children, and especially poorer women and children, by the then all-powerful (but now dying) Catholic church with the full collusion of the State at the time.

I was deeply angered and shocked by Catherine Corless’s research in to the Tuam mother and baby hellhole when it was in the media a few years back - but this report basically confirms what most of us had suspected and feared since the Tuam scandal.

Personally, I am not impacted by this report but I know a couple of people who were born in these mother and baby “homes”, were subsequently adopted and have been trying to find their birth mothers.
# 5 : Wednesday 20-1-2021 @ 22:09
My Mother passed through them. Even though she was very young at the time her bitterness & Hatred for them persists to this day.
# 6 : Thursday 21-1-2021 @ 10:20
My mother wasn't in a home, but was in a school run by nuns and they whipped her silly for being left handed. She was a very bitter woman, never went to mass or prayed.
# 7 : Wednesday 3-3-2021 @ 23:55
Watching the RTE1 investigation.

Clearly that church only ever had two concerns: money and sex.
And both tended to involve the exploitation of children.
# 8 : Thursday 22-4-2021 @ 21:41
Oral hearing for apartments in Besborough house in Cork, claiming no babies or mothers buried there, Test trench's dug and experts saying nothing there. Have they not looked, in the septic tanks there?
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