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New Channel 4 Drama - It’s A Sin
# 1 : Friday 22-1-2021 @ 19:41
Really looking forward to watching the new 1980s LGBT drama Russell T. Davies’s It’s A Sin which airs on Channel 4 at 9pm this evening.

It’s about the 1980s AIDS crisis, the resulting homophobic political backlash and how these impacted on the gay community in Britain.

Anyone else planning watch it?

# 2 : Friday 22-1-2021 @ 19:51
Yeah I was planning on watching it too, probably not tonight but I have it on record so I'll probably watch it tomorrow
# 3 : Friday 22-1-2021 @ 22:02
I saw the trailers, will give it a glance and see.
# 4 : Friday 22-1-2021 @ 22:41
Looks great, taping it for later.
# 5 : Saturday 23-1-2021 @ 11:31
Apparently it's Russell T's best ever work
# 6 : Saturday 23-1-2021 @ 19:13
Just watched it there and I really liked it, if you want an idea of what it is like (no spoilers) it's kinda made along the same format as Trainspotting but without the drugs and with a shit load more sex but all in all the storyline is very good and all the characters are really likable and you can tell that he is taking it as a serious drama and not just making something that panders to gay stereotypes. I'll deffo be watching it next week
# 7 : Sunday 24-1-2021 @ 16:53
Just binge watched the lot on channel4.com - fantastic viewing full of highs and some awful lows and you will fill-up watching some scenes
# 8 : Sunday 24-1-2021 @ 17:03
Never heard of it but have it recorded so thanks for the heads up Jupiterkid.
# 9 : Tuesday 26-1-2021 @ 12:03
Stephen Fry has the best line in it - its in the final episode
# 10 : Tuesday 26-1-2021 @ 12:57
Absolutely superb show. Was really looking forward to the debut episode of It’s A Sin and it certainly did not disappoint.

But then, I wouldn’t expect anything less from the brilliant Russell T. Davies who wrote the daring and utterly groundbreaking Queer As Folk back in 1999. All the main characters are so well developed in just the first episode alone. Keely Hawes is also excellent as Richie’s mum, as I’d expect from an actress of her calibre. Neil Patrick Harris is also very good.

For viewers perhaps not old enough to recall the AIDS crisis at first hand, Its A Sin provides a really good insight into those times. Post-Stonewall and the first wave of gay liberation in the West, but the party is about to come crashing down with the tragedy of HIV/AIDS and the massive homophobic backlash.

I was only a young child back then but clearly remember the panic, ignorance and hysteria in and around the mid-1980s with AIDS - and a LGBT community that was marginalized and stigmatised horribly. You have to remember that so many of those gay men who died horrible deaths from AIDS had been disowned by their families and often had no-one to care for them (apart from hospital staff) in their final weeks and days. It was the gay community who fought back against the tide of ignorance and homophobia and pioneered the safe sex message at that time.

Really looking forward to episode 2 on Friday.
# 11 : Tuesday 26-1-2021 @ 13:07
Fine. I'll give it a go.
Downloaded Episode 1 On Demand.
# 12 : Tuesday 26-1-2021 @ 13:45
Binge-watched all the episodes. Great show. Humour and tears. Captures the period really well. Writer also spotlights the subconscious motivation behind how we behaved.

Still teary from it.

Ruth Sheen, amazing actor and has a wonderful scene in the final episode.

Cucumber, by the same writer is also excellent.
# 13 : Thursday 28-1-2021 @ 00:03
I watched the whole series on All 4, It's really nice and sad, emotional program.

I think the best looking guys is the welsh guy and Indian guy.

I can remember the Aids program in episode 3 on bbc 1 it really scared me.

I think it's better than cucumber

# 14 : Friday 29-1-2021 @ 23:36
Just watched part two there, I think I'm just going to have to binge stream it, not sure if I can wait until next Friday for part three, it is just addictive chewing gum for the eyes
# 15 : Saturday 30-1-2021 @ 00:17
2 in the can.
Still not started.
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