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The 2021 Missions To Planet Mars
# 16 : Friday 19-2-2021 @ 17:33
A huge amount of sattelite technology that does monitor all sorts of things on Earth would have come from NASA. They also do large amounts of research in growing crops in all sorts of adjusted atmospheres which will be handy when we start to choke our planet of oxygen. Many composites & new materials would also come from them.
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# 17 : Friday 19-2-2021 @ 17:36
Someone said :

Changes in weather, human behavior and industrial damage to planet. If they are looking at other planets, far away and trying to determine its history? They could, have a look in their own backyard and advise on behaviours?

They already do this.
# 18 : Friday 19-2-2021 @ 17:44
Ha. Was just googling the same thing.. Here's more..

https://eu.usatoday.com/story/money/2019/07/08/space-race-inventi etc ...
# 19 : Friday 19-2-2021 @ 18:56
Someone said :
Does NASA, ever look at their own planet and try fix the issues here?

No one is concerned when there is still some bits left to exploit - maybe when everything is gone we might look up and wonder why we let it happen
# 20 : Friday 19-2-2021 @ 21:29
# 21 : Monday 22-2-2021 @ 21:33
Some amazing new footage of the NASA Perseverance Mars rover at Jezero Crater last Thursday evening.

Cameras on board the rover took video of the descent and actual landing. The Skycrane device in particular is a real piece of 21st Century engineering.

And here’s the first full colour panorama of the Perseverance landing site.

# 22 : Monday 22-2-2021 @ 21:50
Saw it on Twitter earlier.. Spectacular footage.. How do people work out the mathematics of it all.? launching a spacecraft at where something moving through space is going to be in 7 months times, coming in at just the right angle to hit the LZ within a couple of hundred meters. Blows the mind.
# 23 : Tuesday 23-2-2021 @ 11:01
Spectacular all right!
There is a mission to Titan coming up in a few years that is even more ambitious
# 24 : Tuesday 23-2-2021 @ 14:01
Have you ever seen them operate ROV's, in sea depths unfit for humans or submarines and was watching them last night on TV. Laying and re-laying gas/oil lines, in the north sea and can it be done on other planets with robotic spiders?
# 25 : Monday 3-5-2021 @ 00:52
Wonderful news from NASA: after completing its fourth successful test flight on April 30, the little Mars Ingenuity helicopter is to have its initial test mission extended for another month, where engineers at NASA will command the mini-chopper to fly further and higher than previous tests, to see if Ingenuity can act as a “scout” for the Perseverance rover.

Article here:
https://www.npr.org/2021/05/01/992739491/nasa-makes-new-plans-for etc ...

Ingenuity in mid-flight, as seen by the Perseverance rover

# 26 : Monday 3-5-2021 @ 01:10
And here is the little Ingenuity helicopter in its third test flight in the very thin atmosphere of Mars, as seen by the Perseverance Mars rover:

# 27 : Monday 3-5-2021 @ 10:59
Looks like Afghanistan, is that why they invaded and I can see a Taliban man in the rocks.
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