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The 2021 Missions To Planet Mars
# 31 : Friday 4-6-2021 @ 22:28
Someone said :
Imagine going all that way and forgetting to take the lens covers off the main cameras

When are you heading that way?
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# 32 : Sunday 13-6-2021 @ 00:40
Quite a few newly released images from the Chinese Zhurong Mars rover/lander mission. Finally...

Full colour panorama of the Utopia Planitia landing site of Zhurong

A deployed remote camera captured this image of the Chinese rover and lander that it arrived on.

The Chinese Zhurong lander on the surface as imaged overhead by the NASA Mars Reconnaisance Orbiter. The level of detail is incredible - you can clearly see the lander, the rocket blast zone in a vertical direction either end and the rover at a 5 O’clock position relative to the lander.

On the other side of the planet, the NASA Perseverance rover is making good driving progress and the Little Ingenuity helicopter has made its seventh successful flight.
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