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Marrying Your Sister
# 1 : Friday 5-3-2021 @ 06:05
My sister is dying from cancer, matter of weeks, we married because of our love, spent two days in court arguing same, won case on basis of EU law plus we both second generation Swedish, we won our case and happy for same.
# 2 : Friday 5-3-2021 @ 06:15
Case won on basis we both Swedish nationals and under EU law our national law recognised, plus no issue likely which satisfy Irish law, marrying you sister is legal in Sweden, provided protocols which not apply in our case, we married in hospital on 21/01/2021
She is still here TG, but for how long I cannot say.
# 3 : Friday 5-3-2021 @ 07:49
Did you take her Surname or did she take yours.?
# 4 : Friday 5-3-2021 @ 10:01
Sorry to hear your sister/wife is dying.
I'm not sure i understand why you are sharing this but you have and i can only presume you want opinions.
I love my sister, but i can't ever see a reason why we would marry, legal or otherwise. I presume you must have a sexual relationship with her? My opinion on that is that its pretty messed up and completly unnecessary unless there are reasons for the marriage you have left out, which for the life of me i cant imagine.
I hope your sister does not suffer and her passing is peaceful.
# 5 : Friday 5-3-2021 @ 12:00
There never has been a sexual relationship between us, just pure love and trust.
# 6 : Friday 5-3-2021 @ 12:01
Surnames remain the same
# 7 : Friday 5-3-2021 @ 12:02
Thank you
# 8 : Friday 5-3-2021 @ 12:06
Why marry then?
# 9 : Friday 5-3-2021 @ 12:43
Strategic reasons
# 10 : Friday 5-3-2021 @ 13:51
Probably like the man recently who wanted to leave his house in his will to his carer (male)to avoid inheritance tax .So he married him in a civil ceremony
# 11 : Friday 5-3-2021 @ 14:00
It is not legal in Sweden for full biological siblings to marry. Only half siblings may marry with special dispensation from the government.
# 12 : Friday 5-3-2021 @ 18:13
Someone said :
Strategic reasons

If you dont want to discuss it then why bring it up?
It sounds like you just want to shock.
# 13 : Friday 5-3-2021 @ 20:19
Strategic love = tax avoidance.
(Not evasion...)
No better or worse than friends Michael O'Sullivan and Matt Murphy.

A sister is sister. Not being a full-blood sister, or "half-"sister does not make her less of a sister.
In Ireland, "sibling" is a prohibited degree of kindship, and includes "half-" blood relations: consanguinity is consanguinity.

Incidentally, because of all the illegal adoptions in Ireland (thousands that will never be documented as they were not as sloppy as the few hundred the HSE has acknowledged), an inordinate of blood-relations end up as couples, after being attracted to one another by what they cannot explain, but that could be re-enforced by their unknown kinship.
This will always be a theory supported by nothing but anecdotal evidence, by definition, but it is one of the unintended effects of the perversions nd greed of the church leaders of the past century up to date.

As long as the OP and his sister do not pro-create (and I reckon it is not on the cards), then I could really not give a toss if they decide to get an incestious married and can benefit from a loophole to do it.

Typically dispensation would be provided in Sweden when the half-sibling were not raised together and preferably were not aware of their degree of kinship. But other things can be taken into account.

@Vikingraider28, was it a matter of recognizing an existing Swedish marriage, a matter of having a Swedish law marriage in Ireland but registered in Ireland due to medical reasons, or having an Irish Law marriage where the kindship prohibition got waved by an Irish or European court due to the fact that you could have married in Sweden if she had not been otherwise incapacitated?

Edit: in Ireland the minister can grant an exception for marriage of siblings by adoption.

I would definitely not support the idea that Ireland should celebrate all marriages that would be valid in other EU countries: after all Sweden has been struggling to deal with under-aged married migrants. That failure should not bind Ireland to recognize a migrant pedophile the protection of marriage.
# 14 : Friday 5-3-2021 @ 21:29
This guy is attention seeking, I doubt any of what he claims is true and probably in Lockdown too long.
# 15 : Friday 5-3-2021 @ 22:09
Someone said :
This guy is attention seeking, I doubt any of what he claims is true and probably in Lockdown too long.

We are all more or less selling attention.
Assuming what he says is true, is it the kind of attention anyone needs?
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