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Are You A Special Beautiful And Unique Snowflake?
# 1 : Friday 2-4-2021 @ 15:50
Someone said :
You are not special, you are not a beautiful and unique snowflake

Do you feel as one with the snowflake generation?
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# 2 : Friday 2-4-2021 @ 16:51
Someone said :

Do you feel as one with the snowflake generation?

Gawd I loathe that term.

However as a mother of three now adults ( raised for many years by myself ) I'm actually proud that they laugh at that bullshit .
It's such a sneering, damning judgemental and offensive smearing of a generation of kids who were lucky that they had a voice .
For generations children were brushed aside, told they should be " seen but not heard "
Not on my watch !!!
My lot got to cry when they felt scared or felt they failed themselves .
They had their ' safe space ' ( home ) to scream, cry, fight, kick back, express their emotions.

If all of this makes them text book members of the " snowflake generation " I'm calling bullshit on whoever coined the phrase or those who use it.
My children aren't narssacists, cry babies, entitled, self- centred etc etc.
Two are out in the world ( NY ) fighting via their profession for those who don't even have the privilege of being labelled the " snowflake generation " .
The other is working then travelling three months every year so she can learn about other societies and using these experiences to become her " better self ".
# 3 : Friday 2-4-2021 @ 17:09
So they are... not snowflakes.
Good for them.
# 4 : Saturday 3-4-2021 @ 17:38
Someone said :

Do you feel as one with the snowflake generation?

Not in the slightest, don't care if people "misgender" me (it's only words anyway, in the grand scheme of things who cares?), if someone tried to insult me because I'm Transsexual they would want to make sure it is an intelligent insult because chances are my reply would trash them anyway. Snowflakes are pretty much people who take minor things and blow them all out of proportion for attention (or to be more exact, for likes on Social media)
# 5 : Monday 5-4-2021 @ 23:16
Someone said :

the snowflake generation?

What? In your own opinion is "The Snowflake Generation" that you see?
# 6 : Tuesday 6-4-2021 @ 00:42
Someone said :

What? In your own opinion is "The Snowflake Generation" that you see?

It is not a generational cohort, where all teenagers or young adult within a certain age bracket would be magically a bunch self-absorbed professionally offended entitled whiners.

As Justsayin. quite rightly highlighted.

It is more the mood of an age, a bunch of people of various ages, social classes, and experiences who have over-internalized some of the social justice archetypes, in a rather undigested fashion.

It does not have to be the alt-right rebranding of bleeding hearts.
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