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Planning Permission Stories And Advice
# 1 : Sunday 11-4-2021 @ 10:00
Do you haven't planning permission stories?
(You or a neighbor or a stranger lodging an application or an objective).

My question: can you go find:
- Old applications for a given address, and the objections that were raised?
- Objections lodges by a given person in general?
- For free or at a fee?
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# 2 : Sunday 11-4-2021 @ 10:11
I think, you send in a request by form and they retrieve the file from the archive for you.
# 3 : Sunday 11-4-2021 @ 10:52
Someone said :
I think, you send in a request by form and they retrieve the file from the archive for you.

The question is not primarily how but if.

The process to inspect current applications for free is simple, and indicated in the planning application notification.

But for historical applications, or non-specific historical objections by a banned individual, would GDPR prevent the authority from providing the info, and/or would they charge a fee for the bother of searching for it.

Or are there databases publicly available, without the planning permission number?
# 4 : Sunday 11-4-2021 @ 10:59
Dublin send to have an online form and find by map.

I'll check for other countries, but will have to call them to find if one specific person objected, and I am sure they will oppose GDPR...

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