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Representation In The Gay Community
# 1 : Saturday 17-4-2021 @ 03:02
What I love about the gay community is the diversity. Queer, gay and all other people along the spectrum. One concern I do understand though is that the gay community in Ireland has missed a trick in terms of representation of those who identify as not being affi;iated with the usual steretypes. We are enriched with drag queens, gender queer celebs, flamboyance but there appears to be very few who can identify with those who do not identify with this wonderful spectrum. A man I am friends with mentioned to me he has very few role models like Donal Og Cusack or Gareth Thomas vis a vis the voluminious amount of role models from Ru Pauls Drag Race or celebs etc he sees

Does he have a point?
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# 2 : Saturday 17-4-2021 @ 09:54
At least you have a gay few role models, for me there are none in the Transsexual community. I'm not exactly what you would call an "A-Typical" Transsexual in that I don't care what gender reference people use when referring to me (it's only words at the end of the day) and although I believe that society as a whole should treat me like it would any other female (with the same rights etc) I don't believe that individuals are obliged to accept what I am. By that I mean if some 60 year old refuses to accept me as female and refer to me as such because it goes totally against how they were brought up then as long as what they are doing isn't physically hurting me that's their right, I have no right to demand that they do accept me because then I'm taking away their rights to their own opinion which makes me no better.

Other Transsexuals rarely feel the same way so for me there are no role models or peers, I just see a bunch of people who do nothing but complain incessantly about how hard done by they are and I often wonder why the stay transitioned if it is so terrible for them that all they spend all their time doing is complaining and arguing and don't actually take the time to enjoy the fact that after all this time they have finally actually achieved their transition. After you transition you are suppose to be happy in yourself but for 90% of them it seems like they are even more miserable and I don't understand why they would do that to themselves (well I kinda do but that's neither here nor there).

Anyway sorry for going on, it's just something that gets my goat at times but if you were just referring to gay male role models and not role models in general then sorry for gate crashing your thread with my rant and feel free to ignore me and carry on
# 3 : Saturday 17-4-2021 @ 10:56
Gallant Bear,
By definition the least "visible" models have passed under the radar of discrimination more easily, have been less vocal in leading the good fight (they had more to lose), and were by definition less visible.

It is the activism of the camp and loud and colorful that has allowed them/me to come out in a relative safety.

It does not reduce their courage in coming out instead of keeping to the comfort of Uncle-Tommery. But by now their visibility is reduced. By definition.

If like me you role modeled but waiting the end of full on warfare to come out of the trenches, when the risk of coming out is outweighed by the benefits of more freedom, expect the many fallen to be more visible: they shed more blood. It shows more.
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