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Digital Blackface: Will You Rethink Your Use Of 'Othered' Reaction Memes/Gifs?
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# 1 : Tuesday 20-4-2021 @ 17:12
The issue of racism of memes has surfaced in the USA, as expected, and I must admit that it made me rethink my use of memes.

I use memes and gifs a lot for work.

I tend to prefer Judge Judy, but I have started to rethink some of the memes I would be using for rolling eyes for instance, or anything involving sass.

See this for some background: https://www.teenvogue.com/story/digital-blackface-reaction-gifs

I do not agree that you can only use reaction gifs "of your race": because I do not have a race, I do not adhere to the mistaken racial theories, and I do not want to limit my GIFS to myself or have to undergo surgery and study law to become a New York Jew aging female lawyer so I can use Judge Judy again in 30 years...

But I agree that some choices of reactions GIF reflect a prejudice that cannot just be discarded as "too woke" or "to politically correct".
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# 2 : Tuesday 20-4-2021 @ 19:21
teenvogue? were you looking for mske-up tips when you stumbled across this?
# 3 : Tuesday 20-4-2021 @ 19:30
Someone said :
teenvogue? were you looking for mske-up tips when you stumbled across this?

I could pretend to blame my niece.
# 4 : Wednesday 21-4-2021 @ 09:37
This issue isn't solely being raised in the US .

After a discussion in a women's FB group a few months ago when a woman educated us on how belittling the use of these memes/giphs are to POC, I stopped using them.

It had never crossed my mind that anyone would feel insulted when I peppered replies with POC gifs depicting sarcasm etc.
Whilst the intent was never to hurt or insult it actually does .
There are enough memes etc available without using any that belittle another based on their colour .
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