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Repeat, Avoid, Or Compensate?
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# 1 : Thursday 22-4-2021 @ 16:38
How do you handle emotional baggage?

Most people will deal with things such as family bad habits or trauma by either repeating them, avoiding even the appearance of them, or over-compensating for them.

What is your go-to coping mechanism?

I tend to over-compensate.
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# 2 : Thursday 22-4-2021 @ 18:37
Try reason and if that fails then its fuck off
# 3 : Thursday 22-4-2021 @ 18:46
We are not looking into how you relate to your family, but how you handle the baggage they left you.
For instance someone's mother was always late may be also very tardy, or may be obsessive about being early or very stressed when she is late herself.
# 4 : Friday 23-4-2021 @ 19:36
Go straight to fuck off
# 5 : Friday 23-4-2021 @ 20:56
The violence i witnessed/endured as a young'n has made me a lifelong pacifist. So, that's a definite avoid from me.
# 6 : Friday 23-4-2021 @ 21:29
Avoid negative people, with baggage and you'll be fine.
# 7 : Saturday 24-4-2021 @ 17:16
Now I'm older, I realise that I've instinctively repeated some of my parents' patterns in the past. That was a surprise and not always a good one. I know the tendency is there so I watch out for it and try and think objectively about how to react now. Copy/Avoid/Overcompensate: there doesn't seem to be a way of escaping their influence entirely. (*cue Philip Larkin... *)
# 8 : Sunday 25-4-2021 @ 10:54
With age comes sense !!

The only way to Avoid repeating, copying or over- compensating is to acknowledge the behaviour that occurred .

I'm now in my late 50's and my own children are addressing their own emotional baggage as a result of a lot of my past behaviour .
The key to us al, moving forward was being able to sit down and discuss it properly It's not easy and requires complete honesty from everyone .

It's very easy to blame others ( yes I've been guilty ) but oftentimes emotional baggage is a circle that can't be broken because it's easier to play the victim than accept that parents etc were at some stage victims themselves ( hence the circle ) .
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