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Donabate Beach
# 1 : Wednesday 28-4-2021 @ 07:48
With summer just around the corner, does anyone who frequents the beach at Corballis know how to get there? I went the other day from Dublin, got onto the correct road but GPS directed me to the golf course at the end of Corballis Cottages, there is a gate there that needs a card to get in. Do you leave your car at the end of the road, as I saw quite a few cars parked and walk the rest of the way? If so which direction do you walk? There is a gate at the car park and a path along the waters edge leading somewhere ????? is that the way?
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# 2 : Wednesday 28-4-2021 @ 12:08
i think there is a walking right of way across the golf course
# 3 : Friday 7-5-2021 @ 14:25
I was down that way last year. I think the guys that use it don't know know where to go. I went both ways and it was a waste of time.
# 4 : Friday 7-5-2021 @ 17:35
I went for a walk on the beach there, no issue with parking and it was a nice day out
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