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# 1 : Sunday 9-5-2021 @ 15:10
Hello, I am Irish man in my 60s and looking to receive a massage. I can accommodate in my apartment in west of Dublin. I would love to receive a massage either in your place or mine. I would prefer if you are experienced in giving massages as I have previously been injured by a guy that claimed he could give massages but he ended up hurting my back. If you know of anyone that could give me such a massage please let me know.
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# 2 : Sunday 9-5-2021 @ 16:34
Google them, many professionals giving them.
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# 3 : Sunday 9-5-2021 @ 17:34
Hello Massage1 and welcome to Gaire.

Please use the Classifieds section of our website for your request, as you will be sure to get a reply to your query there.

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