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Happy Pride Month!
# 31 : Thursday 10-6-2021 @ 00:29
Someone said :
I dunno, anger is pretty ferocious down here. OK, the courts powers are limited but, it could propell hate legislation a little bit further down the road, which can only be a good thing..

https://twitter.com/damiengeoghegan/status/1401869091837784064?re etc ...

I'm not disagreeing with the anger, what I am disagreeing with is the whole deliberate attempt to make stuff like this "hate crimes" when logic dictates that they aren't and most can be blamed more on spur of the moment than an actual conscious thought, I did the same about the guy that shit himself in the boat because at the end of the day I think a guy who nearly drowned and escaped a fire has a right not to think to say thanks if he has just gone through a traumatic experience. It doesn't make him any less of a dick but it does make him human and when we start ignoring humanity just for likes on social media then we aren't any better than them, we are just a different version of them.

Honestly do you think it is easy for me to come on here every day and not hate every single TV/CD and Sissy (who are all essentially just gay males in denial) because I know their acts make it just that little bit harder for people like me to be accepted in the world? Unlike you every single day what I am gets further and further trashed by people who pretend to be LGB but would never admit it in public but try their best to make being transsexual sound like a sexual preference. If I had my way trust me I would be much more against TV/CD and Hairy panty wearers than I would ever be against straight people because 9 times out of 10 straight people cause me no problems at all but anyway I don't have to care because unlike most I'm passable, I feel sorry for all the ones who aren't and get the shit kicked out of them because people mistake them for pervs who just like to wank in knickers but hey that's socially acceptable as long as the only people lives they are making harder is all those fucked up Transsexuals who must have something wrong with them if all they want is to get rid of their pricks huh?

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# 32 : Thursday 10-6-2021 @ 00:44
Someone said :
Incidents like that and as had happened in Coolock where a gay man was lured on a "date" and almost killed in a frenzied attack by laughing youths is the reason why we fly the rainbow flag, it wont change the mindset of knuckle scraping cunts but when morons whine "What about a straight parade", the answer is staring them in their own bigoted uneducated faces.

No see that's the wrong attitude too, hell chances are half the people that kicked the shit out of him were in the closet too because it is a well know fact that most homophobes are gay themselves so 90% of he time most attacks on gay people are performed by people who are attracted to them but in denial. You don't solve that by shouting in their face that your are out and they can't be because that just creates resentment, you solve that by creating safe spaces where someone who might be gay but has displayed homophobic behaviour in the past isn't judged because no one has any idea what caused them to have to be like that in the first place
# 33 : Thursday 10-6-2021 @ 18:56
I've been around a long time and no amount of marching or flag waving will change anything - We think it has as we run around our own areas having a fantastic time but the dense unevolved element of society is there waiting to prove they are superior
# 34 : Friday 11-6-2021 @ 07:36
The march and more people being openly gay has radically changed Ireland since the murder of Declan Flynn in Fairview.

It is no longer illegal to be gay, we can get married, hopefully can no longer kill gay people and get away with it.

We have come a long way since the first march and still a good bit to go, the march is still important to show we're still here and there's nothing to be scared of.
# 35 : Monday 14-6-2021 @ 16:22
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