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Art For Art’s Sake - Anyone Else Into Arts & Crafts?
# 1 : Friday 4-6-2021 @ 19:19
So I was starting up this thread to see if anyone else here is into doing a bit of art, either painting or sketching, or some other creative endeavour including creative writing or crafts?

I have done ceramics (pottery) in the past - some of my work is posted up in an old thread here - and these days I do a bit of art most weeks - mainly acrylic and watercolour paints - and also pencil sketching. I liked art in school but dropped it after my Inter cert (yes, I am that old lol )

Rediscovered art in rehab five years ago.

Here’s a little sample of my recent works, I have sold a few pieces here and there. I find art brilliant for my mental health.

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# 2 : Friday 4-6-2021 @ 19:33
They are great Jupiterkid.

I'm not arty but I write a lot and find it helps with my head space also.
# 3 : Friday 4-6-2021 @ 22:26
Art, should be in schools more, and even an hour of it at end of school day to unwind would benefit a lot of people.
# 4 : Friday 4-6-2021 @ 23:43
Two pieces I made for my first year of Graphic Design. (my Lecturer loved them and gave me lots of marks & praise )

# 5 : Saturday 5-6-2021 @ 10:44
Some nice paintings there JK. I love the first one, the landscape. It really draws you in. Lovely use of colours.
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