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Apple Itunes And The Ipod
# 1 : Thursday 24-6-2004 @ 20:45
Are iPods popular in Ireland yet?

Has anyone here downloaded iTunes for the Mac or the PC yet? How do you find the service?

Has owning an iPod made you want to own a iMac or a Powerbook?

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# 2 : Thursday 24-6-2004 @ 20:53
The iTunes service isn't available in Ireland yet.
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# 3 : Thursday 24-6-2004 @ 20:55
There's an automatic script thingy here that won't allow me to spell iTunes or iPod the way Apple does. Don't know why.
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# 4 : Thursday 24-6-2004 @ 20:55
Thats just the subliminal messages you have been getting from downloading music via the internet
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# 5 : Thursday 24-6-2004 @ 22:38
I've seen lots of white earphones... but thats not to say people haven't gotten a mingin walkman from the 80s and plugged in white ear pieces
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# 6 : Saturday 5-7-2008 @ 22:45
Anyone know exactly how you can bring Album Cover Arts over to Itunes.

I am rather OCD about things like this and it irks me not seeing the album Cover to Albums on my Ipod.

Sometimes when I bring over albums the cover comes with it but for the majority it's nothing.

Any ideas.
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# 7 : Saturday 5-7-2008 @ 22:55
i have a Nokia 6120c and i have heard ya can have itunes on it, anyone know anything about putting itunes on a 3g phone?
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# 8 : Sunday 20-7-2008 @ 14:45
Anyone knows if you can ad an image file as an album cover on iTunes?
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# 9 : Sunday 20-7-2008 @ 14:47
Yeah. You can just open the folder and click and drag it from explorer into iTunes (to the little box where it says 'add album artwork').
Does that help?
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# 10 : Sunday 20-7-2008 @ 14:50
Yes it does! Thanks a million, just did it!
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# 11 : Friday 22-8-2008 @ 18:26
My iPod is after breaking It's been sent away for repairs,which could take upto 6 weeks (bit late as I'll be in Hawaii by then). Don't know how I'm going to cope without it! I'll just be left with my own thoughts... scary....
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# 12 : Friday 22-8-2008 @ 18:30
I'd say I've sent about half a dozen iPods away for repair and the longest it's taken is 2 weeks. Did you arrange the repair online? If you did you get a tracking number you can use to see where it is.
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# 13 : Friday 22-8-2008 @ 18:32
No. I went back to the shop I bought it in and they are sending it away, so who know's how long that will take
How am I going to cope working 12 hour nights without my iPod, or going on 10k jogs/cycles?? Even driving to work will be a disaster as I'll have to listen to shite radio!
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# 14 : Friday 22-8-2008 @ 18:34
Learn to sing?
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# 15 : Friday 22-8-2008 @ 18:36
Sing? Yeah...I could do that before my voice broke but now it's a disaster and I really don't want to inflict my voice on an unsuspecting passers by.
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