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Who Do You Think Is The Most Sexy Person Of All Time And Why?
# 61 : Tuesday 3-8-2004 @ 16:51
oh this has been sooo done before!
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# 62 : Tuesday 3-8-2004 @ 16:52
what do you mean by that???
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# 63 : Tuesday 3-8-2004 @ 17:18
I agree with the very first post on this thread...Sean Connery. And he just keeps on getting sexier. Patrick Stewart is also dead sexy. I think "sexy" covers a lot more than a nice body and a pretty face. "Sexy" implies sex appeal and you have to have a personality for that.
As for the point about sexy bitches...I know loads of guys who hang out at the George who would qualify as a sexy bitch. My last ex could also be considered a sexy bitch. I don't think it applies only to women.
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# 64 : Wednesday 11-8-2004 @ 13:39
god i seen this guy at the weekend has to be the sexyest guy i have ever seen,wanted to shag him there and then
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# 65 : Wednesday 11-8-2004 @ 20:44
jude law and that s final
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# 66 : Wednesday 11-8-2004 @ 23:07
Seen Jude Law quite a few times around Primrose Hill, he looks just as good in reality as he does on the screen.
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# 67 : Wednesday 11-8-2004 @ 23:50
some text missing
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