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SUVs....And Why I Hate Them
# 1 : Wednesday 4-8-2004 @ 15:56
Has anyone noticed lots of SUVs (Sports Utility Vehicles) or sadmobiles (in my opinion) on the roads lately?

These vehicles consume more petrol, consume more materials, are thefrore bad for the environment ....they are also a danger to other vehicles and pedestrians and look stupid as they are hardly ever actually used for off-road driving.

An article in yesterdays Irish Times interviewed some recent buyers of SUVs -- "I like it becuase they're cool and look sexy" said one SUV owner. Another said "I like the way I can sit really high up and other cars on the road respect you more and get out of your way."

Selfish and ignorant are the words to describe SUV drivers.

Anyone care to dissent? Any SUV owner out there who beg to differ?

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# 2 : Wednesday 4-8-2004 @ 15:58
i think that there cool :-) My sister
has one (albeit old at this stage!)
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# 3 : Wednesday 4-8-2004 @ 16:08
they are for people who watch too much cribs!!!
what looser's some of the women in them are, thinkin there great in this monster of a car, makes them oven more of a danger on the road than normal
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# 4 : Wednesday 4-8-2004 @ 16:08
"chealsea tractors" jupiter kid
i hate them bloody things never seen mud or a field in the life. there just used to bring one kid to school...when all they need is a hatchback there only a fashion item made by marketing people
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# 5 : Wednesday 4-8-2004 @ 16:13
Well try some of the roads in West Clare in a regular what is often termed as a 'womans car' ie a saxo or a 206 etc. Then you'll know all about it!
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# 6 : Wednesday 4-8-2004 @ 16:16
true boxfresh but mostly down there they all have working jeeps its the ones driving around st.stephens green or castleknock that get my goat up...
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# 7 : Wednesday 4-8-2004 @ 17:39
They are just poseur mobiles. Then again, the same could be said for over powered cars that aren't driven on a race track.
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# 8 : Wednesday 4-8-2004 @ 18:24
I think parents view them as a kindof mini-tank and if they were ever in a crash everyone (in the suv) would be okay.
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# 9 : Wednesday 4-8-2004 @ 18:35
That's fine for the SUV occupants....what about the unfortunates in the other car that has been mangled to pieces by the front bars of SUVs?

SUVs should be banned!
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# 10 : Wednesday 4-8-2004 @ 19:25
SUVs are like guns - once they're on the market there's no going back really. They're just gonna keep getting bigger and bigger until they're the size of Tour de France Buses
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# 11 : Wednesday 4-8-2004 @ 19:28
you should see the hummer SUT on the roads..they practacally are the size of tour de france buses
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# 12 : Wednesday 4-8-2004 @ 19:30
I hate the people that drive UV'S the vehicle is fine as things go, but as soon as you have a 'right of way' situation with UV driver, they think they are as large as the 'big car' they are driving. I have also found that female UV drivers are more aggresive than male UV drivers.
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# 13 : Wednesday 4-8-2004 @ 19:31
be tankfull(pun intended) that we dont have hummers on the roads in Ireland.then you'd have something to complain abut jupiter..its so big its a sports utility truck or sut..I think the t could stand for tank as well
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# 14 : Wednesday 4-8-2004 @ 19:38
SUV's are utilitarian in the extreme...they can accommodate loadsa smallies which is why they're so popular...i myself have one for the occasions that I'm forced to venture out with the tribe..but I have a Civic to play in solo...how balanced is that...
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# 15 : Wednesday 4-8-2004 @ 20:18
The SUVs in American seem to be two or even three times the size of the ones in Ireland. I never really thought that they would catch on; but they have, even if they are only a little smaller than the American ones. Our roads really can't handle them.
In saying that both my father and my sister drive one, but they both work in construction so they are actual work vehicles and not fashion accessories. So that makes it ok, right?
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