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# 1 : Thursday 12-8-2004 @ 13:57
I was in the toilet using the troff in a club a week or so ago and this guy came over to me, I had a bit to drink but I wasn't like drunk. This guy was a complete minger!

Anyway, he leans agains the wall and said, "thats a nice cock you got there", I was like "here mate do you mind, I'm not in the mood for an audience" trying to laugh it off. He then place his hand on my cock, I slapped his hand away and told him no. He continued to stand there, so I moved.

We were the only ones in the toilets.

I finished up turned round where he was standing and he forced a kiss upon me. I pushed him off almost immediatly. Fucking weirdo!! I should have kicked the shit out of him.

If I had been smaller I recon he would have tried to force it!!

What do you think, should I have reported him.
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# 2 : Thursday 12-8-2004 @ 13:58
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# 3 : Thursday 12-8-2004 @ 14:18
omg! yes you should have that behaviour should not be tolerated under any circumstance
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# 4 : Thursday 12-8-2004 @ 14:55
ew you shoulda peed on him
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# 5 : Thursday 12-8-2004 @ 14:58
Given the guy that he was dealing with, if he had, he probably would have considered it a come on... Some weirdos out there
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# 6 : Thursday 12-8-2004 @ 15:01
too late to report him. if it was just the pair of yiz in the jacks, you should have given him a hidin. thats just my opinion.
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# 7 : Thursday 12-8-2004 @ 15:06
Use the cubicles anyway... More hygenic, and less likely to run into that type again...
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# 8 : Thursday 12-8-2004 @ 15:06
yea u should have knee him straigh in the balls, he would think twice about doing it again after that
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# 9 : Thursday 12-8-2004 @ 15:12
I remember faces if I see him again I'll probably Deck him!
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# 10 : Thursday 12-8-2004 @ 15:13
just bide your time. dont get barred out of the pub for that piece of scum. wait til he follows you in and if you are alone with him, open a six pack of whoop ass.
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# 11 : Thursday 12-8-2004 @ 15:13
and if your going to do that be careful as he may just report you
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# 12 : Thursday 12-8-2004 @ 15:16
That's terrible and if it happens to anyone it should definitely be reported to a member of staff.
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# 13 : Thursday 12-8-2004 @ 15:36

There is no excuse for behaving like that, a good slap was in order but easy to say that now. He will get quite an awakening one of these days, as for reporting him, yeah yeah, thge cops come etc .... is it worth the hassle .... a complaint to the staff/manager & point him out maybe
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# 14 : Thursday 12-8-2004 @ 15:39
Hammering the shite out of him at the time would be justifiable, having waited and doing it later doesn't really stand up... I know you would love to, but doing that will only get you into trouble best to avoid him in future...
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# 15 : Thursday 12-8-2004 @ 15:40
Maybe you just look easy
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