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Woman Deported
# 1 : Thursday 12-8-2004 @ 16:28
I just caught this on the news today - A woman who is living in this country was due in court today to face deportation.

This woman if she was sent home was facing the death penalty in her home country because she had 3 children out of marraige and was due to be stoned to death.

Surely in today's day and age this should be stopped .. having sex out of marriage isn't a crime (or it shouldn't be).

I don't know what the outcome of the case was but I seriously hope the judge had some compassin and allows this woman to stay.
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# 2 : Thursday 12-8-2004 @ 16:33
Ah now shagy you know she was unfaithful to her countries laws, being stoned is the only just and fair.
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# 3 : Thursday 12-8-2004 @ 16:34
I hope you're joking drethellen
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# 4 : Thursday 12-8-2004 @ 16:36
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# 5 : Thursday 12-8-2004 @ 16:41
Hmmm, Something like that usually gets large media coversage, Where did you 'see' this ?
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# 6 : Thursday 12-8-2004 @ 16:47
I heard a story similar to that on the radio. She was imprisoned and sentanced to be stoned but managed to escape and make her way here. She cant prove in court that she will be stoned to death cos she cant provide the documents (didnt stop to pick them up while escaping - silly woman!) so she cant prove she will be stoned and is being sent back. She was interviewed in detail and I think her story is generally believed but unless it can be proved in court she cant stay.
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# 7 : Thursday 12-8-2004 @ 16:48
Never heard of a woman getting stoned to death although the religious law for such a sentence does exist. I think the woman gets stoned to death for having a child outside of marriage and the father of the child is not even told-off. there was a recent situation concerning such a thing where the woman due to de stoned was reprieved untill the baby was weened off the tit and onto solids, then after some government pressure she was let go.
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# 8 : Thursday 12-8-2004 @ 16:52


She has been given a temporary reprieve
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# 9 : Thursday 12-8-2004 @ 16:54
As far as i know they are put in a pit and literally stoned. Thats how it was described on the program I was listening to.
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# 10 : Thursday 12-8-2004 @ 17:06
I heard that in Northern Nigeria, which is falling under the iron grip of Sharia, or strict Isalmic law, the woman was due to be buried up to her neck and then stoned untl she was dead.

This is sickening and shocking by any standards.

As Nigeria is divided on religious grounds, and sectarian tension is always in the air, I could bank on a huge civil war engulfing the country with a decade.

Unfortunately, this being Africa, few will really care
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# 11 : Thursday 12-8-2004 @ 17:08
It depends on who has the mineral rights
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# 12 : Thursday 12-8-2004 @ 18:05
Question -- She broke the law in her country knowing that she would die as a result - - she broke it now once but three times? It makes one wonder if she didn't care that she faced the Death penalty at home for breaking the law then what kind of a criminal have we granted to live here!!

And what age are her kids. did she pop them out while she was here or before she got here?

If she did pop them here then what is her real crime at home, the one she doens't want to face??

I'd say there is alot more to that case than has been reported!!
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# 13 : Thursday 12-8-2004 @ 18:10
On that same line of questioning Drethellen do you think men who engage in homosexual practices in these countries deserve to face the punishment that is all to often their lot? Just because it is a crime, doesnt make it justice.

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# 14 : Thursday 12-8-2004 @ 18:10
I agree with Dreth in principal - when in Rome do as the Romans, but what if she was raped?
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# 15 : Thursday 12-8-2004 @ 18:26
hotfire... raped 3 times? And most people have to try more than once to get pregnant. Raped senario not likely.

Fetch -- Gay men don't mostly can't use their kids to hide behind!!
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