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Children In Pubs?
# 1 : Thursday 12-8-2004 @ 21:31
Apparently there is pressure on government to allow children back in pubs after nine o’clock at night to bring back the punters(huh?). I personally hold the view that pubs are where adults consume the drug called alcohol so children should not be allowed in them at any time of the day. What reason is there for them being there in the first place?
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# 2 : Thursday 12-8-2004 @ 21:39
thats just wrong, kids should under no circumstance be allowed in a pub at anytime not even for Sunday lunch but that is my opinion and I will stand by it
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# 3 : Thursday 12-8-2004 @ 21:44
But if the kids aren't allowed in the pubs where are they going to get their alcohol?
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# 4 : Thursday 12-8-2004 @ 21:45
My Dad must be spinning in his grave. He would have gone ballistic at the idea of children ever being being in pubs, never mind after 9pm. And I agree. They'll have plenty of time when they're teenagers to figure out that drinking is the only entertainment in life
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# 5 : Thursday 12-8-2004 @ 23:45
serving children in pubs is just cannabalism gone mad,whatever happened to the good old reliable sangwich?
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# 6 : Thursday 12-8-2004 @ 23:49
Well there are various (reasonable) exceptions such as wedding receptions, christening parties etc.

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# 7 : Thursday 12-8-2004 @ 23:59
@ butters

I know of very many country pubs where no one bats an eyelid at the presence of children, even after the 9pm watershed. They are usually with their parents/families, are not drinking alcohol and come to no harm (at least since the smoking ban was introduced). Families with children can be in restaurants, hotels, or indeed at home when adults are drinking alcohol, what makes the pub so different?

I think there is very probably a country/city divide on this issue. In the country the pub is often the social centre of a community, and many events take place there that would naturally include children. I remember Mairéad Ní Mhaonaigh (of the group Altan) on the radio at the time the 9pm ban was introduced. She explained how she practically grew up in the pub in Gaoth Dobhair, that the pub was the place where traditional music was played and passed on to youngsters, and that she thought the ban was a mistake.
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# 8 : Friday 13-8-2004 @ 00:41
absolutely,it has to go,i'll speak to my colleagues in the dail(doyle) tomorrow and we'el set about an about turn to turn around the turnaround that totally will turnback things to a,ah,shit,i've run out of t things,but yes kids have to drink somewhere,so where better than with their parents,do we condemn them to the cider fields to just have fun with their mates?where they can have more fun than me,dont bloody think so.
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# 9 : Friday 13-8-2004 @ 03:24
i live in a small village in rural ireland. before the ban was introduced kids 14-18 would go to the pub and play pool or just hang out under some kind of adult supervision drinking only soft drinks. Since the ban was introduced these kids have taken to knacker drinking (exuse the term!) anywhere they wont get caught. I think this law is more likely to encourage binge drinking when these kids become of legal age

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# 10 : Friday 13-8-2004 @ 05:04
I don't have a problem with kids being in a pub with their parents during the day for lunch, receptions and the like but night time they should not be there. thats my opinion. i think kids would be bored silly anyway. Sitting in a pub with their parents would probably be the last place they'd want to be. And parents need a break from the kids too and if I was in a pub i wouldn't fancy the idea of kids running around the place banging into tables, knocking over drinks, throwing tantrums or crying. It's a night out i want not an evening in a creche
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# 11 : Friday 13-8-2004 @ 05:29
It may be just my observations but it appears that there are more and more children in pubs since the smoking ban. I have seen a number of mothers taking entire families into pubs who serve food especially in the evening time and I personally think that is downright irresponsible and sends out the wrong message to minors. It is true that other places like restaurants sell alcohol but the key point is that it is not the main product and watching an adult have a glass of wine with a meal presents a picture of moderate consumption rather than down the pub where people may be lowering pints into double figures. As posted before, a pub is an adult space and minors have no place in it and if some consider a public house to be the centre of community life then it is no wonder the Irish have a reputation for high levels of alcohol abuse. There are occasions like weddings where children should be included but they are the exception rather than the rule and I echo Dirha’s point about not wanting to drink in a crèche. I myself have seen two occasions of late where people have finished their drinks and left because of children running riot and that showed a serious lack of consideration on behalf of the parents concerned.
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# 12 : Friday 13-8-2004 @ 07:09
If my memory is correct, i think the ruling for banning children in pubs was brought about after a child was killed in a pub in Thomas street, after he ran under the feet of a drunken customer. The drunk fell right on top of the child. I think the pub may have been called 'The Clock' not too sure though.
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# 13 : Friday 13-8-2004 @ 08:35
The safety of children is a big issue. Sometimes pubs are not safe for adults let alone children and I think there is a certain amount of selfishness on behalf of parents who drag children into pubs.
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# 14 : Friday 13-8-2004 @ 09:52

Happyhead - not hard to know you have no Kids !!!
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# 15 : Friday 13-8-2004 @ 09:59
I think its kind of a personal issue.. i dont agree with children in pubs, for their sake, there's nothing worse than seeing morose children sitting around a bottle of red lemonade and being fed crisps all day..but, particularly on Sundays, a lot of families head for a pub lunch and bring their children. I think this can be more out of necessity than anything else as babysitters can be hard to come by but sometimes its the only time a whole family is together in a relaxed environment, wheres the harm in that..Also it can be good for children to see alcohol consumed in moderation. Iff parents are responsible and just have a drink or two and leave, it turns the experience into something social and civilised..of course there are those that get bladdered, but if they're doing that in public the chances are that they do it at home, so setting an example has already been done..
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