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Pyjama Posse
# 1 : Monday 16-8-2004 @ 17:28
after a conversation over the weekend I saw my first one....a grown woman wandering around (as if she was going to the shop or something)at three today in her pj's she was just up from the train station in Limerick...I couldn't believe my eyes what's up with this ....anybody have any ideas
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# 2 : Monday 16-8-2004 @ 17:35
Maybe she went asleep on the train and didn't have time to change back before getting off?
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# 3 : Monday 16-8-2004 @ 17:39
Ah yes, the jim-jammers ... they have really come to prominence in the past couple of years. I'm glad to see they have a colony in the West. I thought they may have been a strictly Dublin phenomenon.

There does seem to be an unwritten rule about how far they travel from their home base. You would never see one for example in Dunnes in North Earl Street, but would see plenty in the Cathal Brugha Street Centra, about 150 metres away, or Liam's on Sean Macker. I've noticed at least one near me who wears her most fragrant and fashionably stained jim-jammers to go collect 'deh Phy' in the City Clinic daily.

I'm still trying to work out if the 4pm ones are of the 'early to bed' or 'not arsed getting dressed' variety.

It's a wonderful world.

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# 4 : Monday 16-8-2004 @ 17:41
I wonder if they wear jeans and tshirts to bed.....
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# 5 : Monday 16-8-2004 @ 18:06
I've never seen anyone out on the streets in their pajamas and if I did I'd assume they were a bit touched or a bit mental. I'd feel sorry for them. however if women go out dressed like this there can only be two reasons I can think of. Either they want to give the impression that they are too busy to get dressed or they are just dirty scrubbers who don't care what impression they give. Sorry i've just come up with another reason. maybe the slapper is on the game and she just wants to save time getting her kit off
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# 6 : Monday 16-8-2004 @ 18:16
It's a very common sight in areas close to the north inner city in Dublin. It is mainly a female activity though - I don't think I have ever seen a male jim-jammer.
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# 7 : Monday 16-8-2004 @ 18:44
it's spreading like a disease, Newgrange, she did look as if she was heading back to the estate in Hyde Road, if you hadn't said it over the weekend I don't think I would have believed my eyes
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# 8 : Monday 16-8-2004 @ 18:48
I've been in my pyjamas before and been tempted to go to the local shop. Somewhere along the line though my brain kicks in and says "NOOOOO, that's wrong" Maybe these people don't have that little voice in their heads, or perhaps they have a whole load of other more sinister voices telling them to do strange things.
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# 9 : Monday 16-8-2004 @ 18:49
Didn't an assylum seeker burn somebodys ferrari in Dubling a few months back because allah told him he had to do it
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# 10 : Monday 16-8-2004 @ 18:51
I think its defo a North inner city thing. When I lived in gardiner st and went to the centra on Sean Mac st, I'd invariably run into someone from the 'pyjama posse'
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# 11 : Monday 16-8-2004 @ 18:57
..jesus..well maybe pj's are the latest fashion in Limerick..us country folk are all the same!!
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# 12 : Monday 16-8-2004 @ 19:16
A neighbour of ours used to disport herself on a local hillside in her P.J.'s, but she WAS touched, so I suppose it doesn't count
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# 13 : Monday 16-8-2004 @ 19:18
... she WAS touched

Didn't the guards warn you about that
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# 14 : Monday 16-8-2004 @ 21:01
In my younger days living in a land far far away you'd often see teenage girls and boys going up and down the road in their jammies.

A friend of mine used to answer the door in his underwear
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# 15 : Monday 16-8-2004 @ 21:16
Thomas, where did you grow up? Toy town?
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