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Homophobia As A Defence For Murder.
# 1 : Tuesday 17-8-2004 @ 09:28
Is this 2004 or 1904!!!

I was just reading about the murder trial in Limerick (yeah where else)... A convicted criminal with over 20 convictions, who was ilegally at large from Mountjoy prison clubbed a school teacher (an amnesty international and community leader and volunteer) to death. The man had over 100 seperate injuries to his person.

The defence...
The attacker saw the victim involved in a "sex-act" with another man... A claim that was vigorously denied by the gardaĆ­.

It turns out the motive for the murder was robbery, and the defendants didn't like the look of the victim...

This raises 1 question, if the defendants hadn't been such psychos, would a "sane" person have been able to use homophobia as a legitimate defence... "I saw 2 men engaged in a sex act which had nothing to do with me so I clubbed one of them to death."
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# 2 : Tuesday 17-8-2004 @ 09:36
it just makes no sense does it....
murder is murder, there are no reasons or excuses for that but to try and use that line as a defence is inexcusable, if he was involved in a sexual act or not, as you rightly said Tallaght it had nothing to do with them, the right reation, if they thought it was wrong for people to be up to that activity in a public park at three in the morning out of everyones view, was to contact the police who from what I have read seemed to be close by.
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# 3 : Tuesday 17-8-2004 @ 09:56
I think colour would be a good defence for murder but m'lud he was black/white/red
or he had blond hair or he was just plain ugly

That sounds just as reasonable
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# 4 : Tuesday 17-8-2004 @ 09:57
It's a dreadful thing to have to say but the victim being gay or perceived as being gay could be used as a defence in a murder or assault case. back in the 80's a young man was murdered by a gang in Ferview Park. He wasn't gay but the gang were out queer bashing. They didn't just kill him, they tortured him before he died. They gave him a terrible death. They played the gay card in court and they were all let off. I can't remember what they were convicted of but they didn't have to do any jail time. People in the past have said in assault cases that the gay victim made a pass at them and that was the reason they battered the person to within an inch of his life and this defence does get them a reduced sentence. the victim might insist that he never made a pass but the criminal is always given the benefit of the doubt
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# 5 : Tuesday 17-8-2004 @ 09:57
It was Limerick however!
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# 6 : Tuesday 17-8-2004 @ 09:58
people will use any defence they want, obviously the defence of homophobia didnt work(its a stupid attempt by a desperate man) so i dont see what the problem is, i dont think any judge or jury would ever let someone off wit murder cos they were homophobic!!!!
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# 7 : Tuesday 17-8-2004 @ 09:59
no Anfor it was the wrong shoes, how could he be wearing anything else but Nike ohh I know I'll kill him for it, now thats reasonable
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# 8 : Tuesday 17-8-2004 @ 10:01
Limerick is not as bad as it seems our bad guys are just more visible than most other places or maybe just more stupid
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# 9 : Tuesday 17-8-2004 @ 10:02
Were they white, plain white, or black shoes with white socks
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# 10 : Tuesday 17-8-2004 @ 10:03
no red ones with a red stripe the worse kind
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# 11 : Tuesday 17-8-2004 @ 10:07
You are right about Limerick though, just a small minority giving a bad rep. and well publicised
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# 12 : Tuesday 17-8-2004 @ 10:10
I think we just have the best news crews in Ireland as every event gets covered
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# 13 : Tuesday 17-8-2004 @ 10:24
I dunno.....Limerick certainly seems to live up to its bad reputation more times than just the occasional "blip". What about the horfific assualt of a straight couple and subsequent vicious gang rape of the woman in Cratloe, just outisde Limerick, by a gang of Limerick teenagers recently?


In the States, for many years, murderers and attackers charged with manslaughter could get lighter sentences by claiming "gay panic" - in that the victim made a pass, looked at them in a certain way, etc. etc. at the criminal. But thankflly, recently some judges and attorneys have spoken out against this excuse as a form of insidious homophobia that should not be allowed to influence court cases for the defence's benefit.
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# 14 : Tuesday 17-8-2004 @ 10:39
It is not the normal Limerick people that are at fault but the minority of scum that cause the majority of trouble and anyone who lives here knows that it is when we are all tarred with the scum brush that I feel some kind of a defense is necessary, I am a Limerick girl and I don't think I am scum
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# 15 : Tuesday 17-8-2004 @ 10:59
Im from Limerick aswell and totally agree with you Erytheis, the small amount of people that cause all this trouble are well known in Limerick and do not represent Limerick people.Unfortunatly the media seem to have locked onto Limerick and any trouble that happens here,I suppose it makes interesting news because of the gang war element, but we all know similar things happen in every other city in Ireland they just arent covered as much.

I have lost count the number of times i have been in other citys and when you say your from Limerick the look people give you, usually followed with "wheres your knief?" it makes me sick to think thats what people believe.While Limerick mightnt be the greatest city in the country its making a lot of effort to try and modernise itself,im sure if anyone here was to come out in Limerick for a night they would have a great time and see for themself what its really like.

I know im biased being from Limerick but you can understand when you see comments like the ones above how they would make you feel if it was your city.
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