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Reading Someones Text Messages...
# 1 : Wednesday 18-8-2004 @ 14:45
Have you ever...just to know?
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# 2 : Wednesday 18-8-2004 @ 14:46
shame on you boxy
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# 3 : Wednesday 18-8-2004 @ 14:47
Me thinks someone has been bold...hee hee!
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# 4 : Wednesday 18-8-2004 @ 14:47
all the time...one memorable time..at a meet.. someone donated their fone for me to nose through..well, I was sorry i did...
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# 5 : Wednesday 18-8-2004 @ 14:47
It's just so tempting sometimes
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# 6 : Wednesday 18-8-2004 @ 14:48
I have! Worse, I deleted them! and once I texted someone else from that phone, pretending to be my then boy-friend, just to get some info on what theyd been going on about! didnt find out much only that i wasnt being trusted!

he of course found out and hit the roof!!! didnt trust me at all then! hee hee.

had another ex then look at my text messages, and he stormed into the bedroom... there was me day dreaming.. and i get this phone fired at me followed by 'whats all this uve been saying to X!!!!' I was like... eh.. nothing!

oh the messes ive gotten into over text messages!
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# 7 : Wednesday 18-8-2004 @ 14:48
no never jesus boxy!! how could you if you did, have you no respect
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# 8 : Wednesday 18-8-2004 @ 14:49
thank you (honest) people...I wish I hadn't but hey I needed to know some thing & I was proven right...not that I can ever say how I found out - so I guess that defeats the purpose!
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# 9 : Wednesday 18-8-2004 @ 14:49
Yeah, but if you have their fone....and they aren't paying attention...?
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# 10 : Wednesday 18-8-2004 @ 14:49
serves you right boxy
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# 11 : Wednesday 18-8-2004 @ 14:49
remind me never to lend cutie my mobile
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# 12 : Wednesday 18-8-2004 @ 14:51
Well ok if im honest i did! But not a friends or a stranger - whats the point.

I did to a bf and found out he was having a 'textual' relationship with a friend of mine - so its always good to check - just in case lol.
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# 13 : Wednesday 18-8-2004 @ 14:52
If it's bad enough, of course you can say you know
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# 14 : Wednesday 18-8-2004 @ 14:55
Mate of mine listens in on peoples voice messages, as most people don't change the password from '0000'.

How many of you now scrambling for your phone ?

No, I don't.

Other peoples messages must be so dull.
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# 15 : Wednesday 18-8-2004 @ 14:55
I thought that I was being really, really paranoid and the person involved was saying that I was being paranoid, then the person went to work forgot phone etc....and I just had a peep & sure enough there were msg's bout me from some of my mates but one read "let him think he's paranoid...etc". So I think I was jusified in reading it as I was kinda getting really freaked out!
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