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Forever Alone......
# 1 : Wednesday 18-8-2004 @ 22:16
I have experienced the scene in the metropolis that is the "Big Schmoke" and had great craic (and yes in more way than one hehe) and of course in my favourite city that is Galway (which to be honest is dire!!) However when it comes to anywhere else west of the shannon many gay men seem to dissappear!! Ive recently moved back to sligo and if it wasnt for the fact that one of my best mates is gay and we have an apartmetn togetr (which should make for an interesting year!!)I would be fooled to think im the only gay man my age.....yes on that woeful site that is gdar you place your profile in the misguided belief that you may actually find a guy that doesnt repulse you by his 'BIG' c@ck shot (YES boys the saying is true the camera can add weight!! Nobodys lad ever matched what their profile showed.....from what im told!!)....all this i write while i am logged onto that very site....where are all they gay men 20+ in the northwest...Im fed up gettin lads twice my age emailing or messaging me....not that im ageist, but most of my friends are my own age and those gay friends that arnt dont try to lure into their bed with the 'cookies and milk' type messages you get!!!come the academic year they cut the apron strings and head for NUIG or to the sophistacated LGBTQ housing 3rd level colleges nurtuted by the suburbs of our great capital. I swore to myself i would try to get to galway at least twice a month for a 'fix' of the gay experience....but plans are a foot for Glasgow, Amsterdam and London....

Pray tell what is a young, gay man in his twenties to do in the north west??????????
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# 2 : Wednesday 18-8-2004 @ 22:23

The nearest organisation to you is
Outwest ireland.


Seem to be more mayo based, though.
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# 3 : Wednesday 18-8-2004 @ 22:28
Oh please.....went to one of their gigs...most of the guys there were OTT queens (its a major turn off, what ever ur into but i just find it a major turn off) and the gig was full of little clicks and everyone knew everyone if it wasnt for the fact i was with two mates i would of felt like a rite tit.....dont get me woring doe outwest do gud work, the help line and they raise awareness but *cough* nope!
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# 4 : Wednesday 18-8-2004 @ 22:30

Well,maybe you should consider starting your own organisation in Sligo, then.

Of course they would all have to pass your 'Butchness' test before they could get in!
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# 5 : Wednesday 18-8-2004 @ 22:33
Its not that...im sorry if thats the way i came across, its just that maybe i just got a wrong nite there r sumting....kuz it was just laughable....groups never seem to get going in sligo i know a few ppl have tried to start ones up but they have flopped......but thankfully the IT LGBTQ group is slowly taking off!!
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# 6 : Wednesday 18-8-2004 @ 22:44
Sligo Mac is looking to start a new group and he had some interest from other members. You should get in touch with him.
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# 7 : Wednesday 18-8-2004 @ 22:46
cheers thomas
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# 8 : Thursday 19-8-2004 @ 00:05

If you want to meet people you may have to cast your net a bit wider and think outside the box abit.

In just two posts you have dissed men who are older then you, men who are too up front about sex (on a gay sex site?), men who are camp and men who go to Outwest events. All this could be your personal taste and thats just peachy, but being a bit more positive would probably get you more positive results.

Don't list of a bunch of moans thats just a turn off, list off what you want and more importantly put yourself forward and see what happens
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# 9 : Thursday 19-8-2004 @ 02:40
having read your posts i was going to comment on your attitude but rubberboy got there before me and he hit the nail right on the head. it's not surprising you are having problems meeting people. change the attitude and more people might be drawn to you. People who are on their own either choose to be or deserve to be.
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# 10 : Thursday 19-8-2004 @ 11:07
In fairness, Sligo Steve, the Northwest isn't a very populous or developed part of Ireland and the population of the area is very sparse and spread thinly - therefore the proportion of out gay men will be very, very small. According to Census 2002, Swords (27,175) has a greater population than Sligo (19,735).

Research has shown again and again that gay people cluster into larger cities so as to build up a community and escape their small town roots, where they are often rejected. The larger the city, the greater the proportion of out gays in that population - there's almost a direct correlation. Thus Dublin does, and always will, dominate the gay scene in Ireland.

Maybe you could get GCN to run a specuial article on Sligo and highlight its lack of any gay bars etc. Maybe some change will come about if you push the issue.

I've always thought that the floowing towns could do with gay bars/clubs:


Whether any of them are large enough to support such venues is another question.
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# 11 : Thursday 19-8-2004 @ 11:13
Tallaght has a population of 125,000 and it doesn't have a gay bar
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# 12 : Thursday 19-8-2004 @ 11:16
Yes, but Tallaght does have what urban geographers (like me!) term Borrowed Size .

This means that although Tallght alone does not possess certain resources or facilties, it can draw on the wider Greater Dublin to access these resources (i.e. gay bars and venues, in central Dublin, etc...)

That's the advantage of living in a metropolitan area.

Sligo gay folk have to travel to Galway or Derry to accss the nearest gay venue.
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# 13 : Thursday 19-8-2004 @ 13:03
Yes, but Tallaght does have what urban geographers (like me!) term Borrowed Size .

Is that a technical term for "the 49, 49A, 50, 54A, 56A, 65, 75, 77, 77A and 77B buses to town and the 54N, 49N and 77N ones home"?
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# 14 : Thursday 19-8-2004 @ 13:22
You could sorta say that Ozren.

Oh, and don't forget the Luas too!!
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# 15 : Tuesday 3-8-2004 @ 13:28
but sligo could do with something though...

At the moment I'm in my Ballina with work (again)

You can meet nice guys from gaire, like SligoMac came to one of the gaire meets in galway.

I will be in Sligo again in the next 2 weeks - so count me a member!
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