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Forever Alone......
# 16 : Thursday 19-8-2004 @ 13:42
you forgot the 65B and the eXpressos (for shame)
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# 17 : Thursday 19-8-2004 @ 21:53
The net has been down inmy office all day so I had to use an internet cafe tonite to respond.....believe you me I am open minded but I will admit I do need to hit the scene a bit more.....the GCN article is a great idea an I will look into it further....as i said with regards to the outwest events i was only at 1 and i admit that maybe i just attended a bad one hehe as I have a few mates that go to them and they love them and those lads are really close mates....I am going to the one in dec, cant attend the one in sept as work pressure is too heavy at the mo....im glad to see iv sparked a bit of interest in a severally deprived area of the country for both the straight and gay community (as regards nite life and general leisure facilities) nbut the East does need its Bertie Bowl....while sligo 'city' gets a new over priced road that goes nowhere and somehow crams 4 lanes of traffic into 2!....but as already said the gay population tends to cluster in bigger urban areas so no doubt the message iv been trying to get across here will soon be lost in a birage of messages with regards to the loss of the front lounge, some pointless messages regarding some Big Brother reject, or sum silly hyperlink to some moronic fool pretending hes luke skywalker!
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# 18 : Friday 20-8-2004 @ 02:17
I guess it just puts things in perspective Sligo steve - we dont spend all our time discussing "fate of the world" material - this is a message board and a community, not a bulletin board or debating society.

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# 19 : Friday 20-8-2004 @ 13:07
Ah go easy on him Fetch. He lives in Sligo
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# 20 : Friday 20-8-2004 @ 13:24
I have served my time in Rural Ireland and it can be a very isolating place for a gay person. What I found was the queens gravitated to the community centers while the rest remained in the closet popping to the cities every once in a while. That said, I always found the people in the disco’s warm and friendly which is more than can be said for a certain section of what we in Dublin know as ‘the scene’. It’s really nice to see a group of people who are just happy to be in a gay space every now and again which is something the rest of us tend to forget.
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# 21 : Friday 20-8-2004 @ 13:55
My last visit to the g was fantastic was there with a group of straight friends and i had a wonderfull time and i found the staff and many of the lads and girls their very friendsly adn i miss not having that in sligo....tanx Happyhead by the way....iv looked into the GCN thing and im making some progress and have already been in contact with the USI LGBTQ office to see if they can revitalize things here in sligo too!
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# 22 : Friday 20-8-2004 @ 14:03
This years LGBT officer in USI is very good,

Sorry for being pedantic but the Q isn't included

I am aware that there is also an LGB in Letterkenny IT, perhaps you could organise something with them as I'm sure they prob feel equally as isolated,
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# 23 : Friday 20-8-2004 @ 14:05
oh yeah i forgot that congress wouldnt allow it sorry!!
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# 24 : Friday 20-8-2004 @ 14:07
Perhaps a joint trip to Derry with some of the colleges in the North/west
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# 25 : Friday 20-8-2004 @ 14:11
Ya that mite spark an interest alrit but i have the LGBT officer from USI coming to sligo for our Clubs & Soc's day to revitlize it will mention it to him as well
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# 26 : Thursday 26-8-2004 @ 15:05
Something that Dirha said struck a nerve: "People who are on their own either choose to be or deserve to be". Is this really true, do people think?
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# 27 : Thursday 26-8-2004 @ 15:18

I dunno, its partly true, I think some people get disillusioned with all the one night stands etc,then decide they would like a relationship.

I think some people expect guarantee`s of sorts when in reality there are none, you have to put yourself out there & take risks.
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# 28 : Thursday 26-8-2004 @ 19:18
hmm, interesting comment, will come back to that
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# 29 : Thursday 26-8-2004 @ 19:51

i dont agree with it its another one of his more provocative statements
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# 30 : Thursday 26-8-2004 @ 21:09
I wasn't trying to be provocitive. It's quite simple really. In my opinion a person can be on his own because he/she is waiting for the right person and won't settle for second best. This person wants to be alone...until the right person comes along. Another example of wanting to be alone would be if a relationship breaks up. A person in that situation might not want to go straight into another relationship so they chose to be alone. There's also people like me who don't want to be in a relationship. We chose to be alone. There could be lots of other examples of why people would choose to be alone. people who deserve to be alone are completely different. They could be people who would treat others badly or maybe they are so self centered that they won't consider anyone apart from themselves. People who moan all the time deserve to be on their own. They're never going to be happy and they contribute nothing to a friendship/relationship. They deserve to be alone. Who'd want to be with them anyway. others can spot people like that a mile off and give them a wide berth. negitave people deserve to be on their own
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