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Forever Alone......
# 31 : Thursday 26-8-2004 @ 21:23
people can choose to be alone but no one deserves to be alone
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# 32 : Thursday 26-8-2004 @ 23:37
Dirha: People who are on their own either choose to be or deserve to be.

Whoa. Now that is strong.

I know that in another post you list reasons for each alternative, but I don't think you show that they cover all possibilities. The statement I quote above is all-encompassing, with no qualifications or caveats.

And, I believe, it can actually be quite viscious to single people who would rather not be so. It says to everybody who is alone but does not want to be that they deserve to be.

Would you consider qualifying the bald claim now that a few days have passed?
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# 33 : Friday 27-8-2004 @ 11:29
negitave people deserve to be on their own

I'm just glad then when I'm having some negative moments, that I have true friends to help me out.

or maybe they are so self centered that they won't consider anyone apart from themselves

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# 34 : Friday 27-8-2004 @ 12:44
well that hurt.....just as well i do have gud mates to help me out a very close group of friends gay and str8....and one of the great things about my close gay mates....we have a friendship that goes byond casual sex the odd time kuz were bored,fooling around wit eachuda kuz were bored in fact i wudnt dream od being with any of gay mates.....friendship is worth too much.....at least im not as fickle as sum udrs and dont blur the boundries of frienship and sex
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# 35 : Friday 27-8-2004 @ 13:21
@ Ozren I don't think what I said was vicious to single people who would rather not be so. I would assume that single people who would like to be in a relationship would choose to be single until the right person comes along. I don't see anything wrong with that. The alternative would be to jump into a relationship for the sake of it. Would people do that or would most people choose to be alone?

@ Fourcourt Re my previous comment that negative people deserve to be on their own - "I'm just glad that when i'm having a negative moment that I have friends to help me out". There's a big difference between having a moment and being a negitave person. If you were a negative person you wouldn't have your friends for very long because negative people contribute nothing to a friendship. They constantly moan, look on the bad side and generally bring everyone down. people don't put up with that for too long. If you're having a moment I would assume your friends would see that it's just a moment and i would assume that you would be the same with them if they were having a moment.

@ Sligo Steve All my comments were basically aimed at you. Someone else pointed out earlier on you needing to change your attitude and not be so negative otherwise you will end up alone. Your first two posts on this thread would not be a lesson in how to find a relationship
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# 36 : Friday 27-8-2004 @ 16:05
A happy story
by Wheelie Bin

I was walking home last night when I saw a man lying face down on the pavement.

At first, I was going to help the man up. But then I thought again . . .

Why is that man on the ground, I wondered? Why, it must be because he chose to be on the ground. He prefers the ground no doubt - after all, when you are lying down, you can't fall over! So I had better not help him up.

But then another thought struck me. Maybe the reason he is on the ground is because he deserves to be there. Yes maybe he did something bad or negative and the good righteous people of the world rightly punished him by knocking him on to the ground!

Yes, that was another possibility.

Either way, that person on the ground brought it on himself! So I did not offer him help; I just reminded him how he had got where he was.

By way of maintaining the status quo, I also gave him a kick as I was passing.

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# 37 : Friday 27-8-2004 @ 16:11
a telling little parable from the gosple of wheelie

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# 38 : Friday 27-8-2004 @ 17:22
Personally I can see both sides, I agree with Dirha and Wheelie, if that's possible?
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# 39 : Friday 27-8-2004 @ 17:26

I have to say i agree more with Wheelie on this one.
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# 40 : Saturday 28-8-2004 @ 22:26
At the end of the day im only giving an opinion....ON THE LACK OF FACILITIES FOR GAY AND LESBIAN PPL IN SLIGO...relationships were never mentioned, i may of spoke about certain personas been a bit of a turn off that didnt mean i was going to witch hunt them or shun them away from me ( or that i was looking for a realtionship either) ....and before u jump on the fact den why are u a member of gdar, friendship mainly and to get to know other gay ppl at the time when i joined i had very very few ppl i could openly talk to about my sexuality so i saw it just as method to explore safely in my own controlled way after all (getting back to the original meaning to this thread) there are no facilities in sligo....i still have a profile n gdar kuz i have a few m8's in there 2!....take what u like from that....at the end of a day an opinion can never be wrong!
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# 41 : Monday 30-8-2004 @ 16:28
sligo steve is only making a point and is entitled to his views. just because he is highlighting a problem with the lack of gay facilities in sligo does not make him a negative person, if u lived in the town u would understand where he is coming from! he is as entitled to his opinion as u are to urs so cut him some slack, hes a nice bloke and one of my best friends.
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# 42 : Monday 30-8-2004 @ 19:19
trev when your best friend sligo steve first started this thread he insulted quite a lot of people. he said it was hard to find anyone on gaydar that wouldn't repulse people. He's fed up with lads twice his age E mailing and messaging him. His opinion on the Outwest members were that they were 'over the top queens' who were a major turn off to him and the night he was at one of their events he found it laughable. Now maybe he is a nice bloke, I'll have to take your word for it because he didn't display that side of his character when he started this thread
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# 43 : Monday 30-8-2004 @ 21:38
u seriously need to read bak in what i said
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# 44 : Monday 30-8-2004 @ 22:32
No I don't. i've given you enough of my attention. No doubt someone else will give you the attention you're looking for
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# 45 : Monday 30-8-2004 @ 23:29
Hang on a second . . . Sligo Steve has a had a bit of a moan about how hard it is to find gay friends his own age. Yes it would be great if we were all a beacon of positivity all the time but we are not. He's not the first to complain about the lack of a gay social network in Sligo.

Cut the guy a bit of slack . . . Jeez . . .
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