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Forever Alone......
# 46 : Monday 30-8-2004 @ 23:30
tanx wheelie....at least u see what im trying to say in this message....and tanx trev
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# 47 : Tuesday 31-8-2004 @ 00:37
Thats rubbish wheelie. he could very easily have had a moan about how hard it is to find gay friends his own age without the attitude. First off he pointed out how repulsed he was by the guys on gaydar with their cock shots. Do you know how hard it is to be in a position to be repulsed by gaydar profiles? For a start the list of who's on line and the members lists have red signs which indicate that there are pics with explicit sexual content, yellow dots indicate that there is some nudity, blue dots no nudity or sexual content. Before a person clicks onto a profile they know whats included in the profile. So it's a bit much for him to say he's repulsed when he went out of his way to look at the profiles willingly. Thats kind of like the Mary whitehouse approach wouldn't you say? On his own profile he could very easily have included the information that under no circumstances would he enter into correspondence with guys over a cretain age. but again like being repulsed its better from his point of view not to do that because then when older guys do send him a message he can complain about lads twice his age E Mailing and messaging him. he then went on and said the members of Outwest ireland were over the top queens. In my opinion thats not as you say "having a moan". Thats bad manners and should not be given slack (as you suggest). he then told us that he went to one of their nights and found it laughable. Well now there's a bit of constructive criticism if ever i heard it!!! I don't know why the people in outwest Ireland bother if this is the thanks they get. Now maybe as you said, people have complained about the lack of social events in Sligo but I would assume they did it in a better way than Sligo steve did. I can cut anyone a bit of slack as you suggest but not when they are rude and bad mannered to others. Thats entirely different to having a moan. your "beacon of positivity" reference is cute However cheap shots from you and bad manners from Sligo steve don't wash with me
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# 48 : Tuesday 31-8-2004 @ 00:52
I won't be lectured by you Dirha about 'cheap shots', thanks. You don't seem to be saying much to the guy apart from needlessly putting the guy down.
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# 49 : Tuesday 31-8-2004 @ 00:56
I did advise him to change his attitude and so did someone else. His bad manners are up to him to sort out or a close relative to teach him. And just so you know I wasn't lecturing you on anything. Not for any other reason than i couldn't be bothered
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# 50 : Tuesday 31-8-2004 @ 10:50

I think a nerve has been hit here
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# 51 : Tuesday 31-8-2004 @ 10:51
Some seriously interesting points made in this thread...this is a clear example of threads within a thread...something about this is going to touch a nerve in almost everyone who reads it..I'm going to have to say that I do think Sligo Steve showed disrespect to a lot of groups in his postings, and I'm not familiar with Gaydar so thanks for explaining, if there is a system in place that shows content of profiles, if one is unwilling to view flesh then a choice is available...if someone genuinely isnt interested in naked pictures, why bother looking...and why have a profile up on Gaydar if you dont want to be contacted? I dont feel that Sligo Steve did himself any favours whatsoever in his initial posts, he came across as negative, critical and shallow. Whether or not this is the case, I dont presume to know but Dirha did make some valid points in his postings and indeed he wasnt the only one. A line was picked out and twisted somewhat..people are single because they either choose to be or they deserve it..i
This is a very bald statement and typical Dirha, no frills, no flounces just a hard hitting statement. For the most part, I agree with him...a lot of single people would tell you that they're just getting out of relationships, that they're having fun, that they dont want to commit right now, that they havent met anyone they're bothered with, that they've been let down before and now they're wary...all these are people who choose to be single..then there's those incapable of sustaining a relationship through faults of their own..cheats, liars, people who are violent..reputations get around and some people are given a wide berth..and with just cause..so, they deserve it..no point in splitting hairs on this one!!
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# 52 : Tuesday 31-8-2004 @ 14:05
I don't see where the worth is in putting the guy down. Why not discuss the topic instead of attacking the individual.

"yes on that woeful site that is gdar you place your profile in the misguided belief that you may actually find a guy that doesnt repulse you by his 'BIG' c@ck shot"

How right he is! Gaydar has surely the largest membership of any gay site in Ireland, and it is almost exclusively geared towards sex, sex and more sex. Some people on it are genuinely looking for something more than that, but I can understand the frustration as I have used the site myself and get annoyed when so many people contact you just for sex when it says in your profile that you are not looking for it.

What is wrong with what he says next: "Im fed up gettin lads twice my age emailing or messaging me....not that im ageist, but most of my friends are my own age and those gay friends that arnt dont try to lure into their bed with the 'cookies and milk' type messages you get!!!" Is that rude? Bad mannered? I doubt it. I have heard other young lads express similar sentiments. There is a definite 'nuisance factor' with gaydar in which people you have absolutely no interest in hassle you and you end up having to block them.

So all that leaves really is his attitude towards outwest, which he was somewhat apologetic about. Rubberboy suggested "Don't list of a bunch of moans thats just a turn off, list off what you want and more importantly put yourself forward and see what happens". I think that is positive and constructive advice and more useful than just wading in to put the boot in for God knows what reasons.
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# 53 : Tuesday 31-8-2004 @ 14:08
We can really rant about anything can't we? are there no END to out talents?
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# 54 : Tuesday 31-8-2004 @ 14:11
Have to agree wheelie, I don't see why vereyone just started attacking Steve
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# 55 : Tuesday 31-8-2004 @ 14:15
I dont think he was attacked at all...he put up some very negative posts and they were picked up on..it was constructive criticism at best And if people are aware that gaydar is used for procuring sex why bother if your intentions are different...thats like buying playboy for the articles...yeah right!!If you're looking for sex you go to a sex orientated website, stick up a profile and wait for the replies to flood in.. if you're not looking for sex you dont do this..its quite simple really..
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# 56 : Tuesday 31-8-2004 @ 14:31
It seemed to me that Steve was a bit negative towards what was available to him in terms of friendships and relationships in his area, but I don't think that he quite deserved what landed on his head either. There seems to be a bit of a gap between his peronality as described in his profile and as expressed in his first postings on this thread. Maybe thats understandable, we all think, or would like to think we are better than we really are. Being less rejecting of lifes possibilities might bring him nearer to the man he would like to be, and perhaps, the man he would like to have.

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# 57 : Tuesday 31-8-2004 @ 17:06

I agree with wheelie on this one, so the guy was negative, his post wasnt meant to be positive. Why`d he get such a hard time
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