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Toilets In Tyrellspass
# 1 : Sunday 22-8-2004 @ 20:26
Does anyone know what the story is with these toilets,passed there today (sunday)around 1pm for a bit of a cruise,but they were closed,about 6 cars there all with the same idea ! are they closed permanantly now? I also passed there on way to dublin last wed evening about 6 ish and they were closed then too.
are there any alternitave crusing spots in midlands,please dont point me to previous threads as there is no real info regarding this topic.
thanks guys
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# 2 : Monday 23-8-2004 @ 00:04
:shrugo you mean that there exists a thing called lavatorial love?methinks someone is yanking your chain?never having had a piss in tyrellespass i can't comment,good luck willie hunting irishmike.
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# 3 : Monday 23-8-2004 @ 00:10
It does happen Butters, it's called cottaging.

https://www.gaire.com/e/f/default.asp?nav=1&parent=131959&page=vi etc ...

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# 4 : Monday 23-8-2004 @ 00:23
What's that supposed to mean?!?!

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# 5 : Monday 23-8-2004 @ 07:30

Your on the ball tonight buddy. 20 past midnight and your scouring the archives for useless infor for our members.....

Fetch for Super MOD.
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# 6 : Monday 23-8-2004 @ 08:53
Isn't it just terrible the way they are closing all the public toilets now. I mean for God's sake, where else are you supposed to get an annoynmous blowjob from a dirty old trucker? I blame it on those people who want to use the toilets to urinate or take a shit and have a problem wih finding it full of weirdos trying to sneak a look at their cock.
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# 7 : Monday 23-8-2004 @ 10:04
Its always the same Polo. I feel out of place using toilets for onesies and twosies!!
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# 8 : Monday 23-8-2004 @ 10:10
Well if there were six other cars waiting for lavatory love, could you not all have cruised each other?! Whats the difference..a funky old cortina..or a voyage on the Shanks Armitage tour bus...and, if they're waiting outside, they're the ones that would've been in the toilets anyway..101 ways to have fun with the public convenience...#92: CRUISING... 101 ways to end up with a disease..#92: CRUISING IN A PUBLIC CONVENIENCE
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# 9 : Monday 23-8-2004 @ 10:12
Six cars - you should've done a naked cartwheel around them all.
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# 10 : Monday 23-8-2004 @ 10:53
Isn't it just plain SAD that people still feel the need to go cottaging?

I thought that this sort of thing had died out with our more enlightened times?

I never had any idea that the toilets in Tyrellspass were a cottaging ground
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# 11 : Monday 23-8-2004 @ 11:32
Cruising the toilets in Tyrellspass. Very classy indeed. The management of the Boilerhouse must be shitting themselves with the competition
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# 12 : Monday 23-8-2004 @ 11:37
And there was me thinking that was a new branch of the Boilerhouse after opening in Tyrrelspass
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# 13 : Monday 23-8-2004 @ 20:57
When I opened this thread, one of the adverts at the bottom read:

Offaly Hotels Online: The Official Website of Irish Hotel Federation

Good ot know that, eh, relevant adverts do come up :-)
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# 14 : Monday 23-8-2004 @ 21:02
It's simple Ozren- every room has a toilet in it for your cottaging pleasure.

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# 15 : Monday 23-8-2004 @ 21:39
Now the ad at the bottom of the page is for Shamrock irish Cottages i wonder if the outdoor lav in tyrellspass is featured in it
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