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I Can't Believe I Used To Do That
# 1 : Thursday 26-8-2004 @ 10:38
Just remembered today something I used to when I was a teenager. Okay here goes :

Whenever I boiled an egg to save me the bother of boiling the kettle I'd use the water from the egg to make my tea - much to my family's disgust.
What did you do when you were a young (sick) puppy?
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# 2 : Thursday 26-8-2004 @ 10:40
Thats disgusting!
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# 3 : Thursday 26-8-2004 @ 10:40
ah thomas!!! u lazy git!!!
i used to go out wit a girl who used to eat her toe nails when she was i kid, just put her foot in her mouth and start chewing!!!
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# 4 : Thursday 26-8-2004 @ 10:43
Jesus Thomas!!

I am a big fan of raspberry jam and I used to eat it (Dougelesque) from the jar with a spoon. One day I took a biig scoop out and all the jam fell out on to the fireplace. Undeterred, I got a sideplate and put the jam on (hope ya like jamon too) and just ate around the dusty bits!!
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# 5 : Thursday 26-8-2004 @ 10:48
That's great guys keep them coming. Did I mention that sometimes my tea would be a bit green? It didn't deter me though.
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# 6 : Thursday 26-8-2004 @ 10:50
Whats wrong with that thomas ?

doesn't water boiled remove all germs and stuff?

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# 7 : Thursday 26-8-2004 @ 10:52
yea it does thomas but u dont want the taste of egg from ur tea do u!!!! egg fried tea please!
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# 8 : Thursday 26-8-2004 @ 10:58

I used to tip the sugar bowl into my mouth & take a gulp of sugar ... if I cut myself I would always pick the scabs
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# 9 : Thursday 26-8-2004 @ 11:00
@ Thomas.
Yuk! At least the germs would have been killed, but if they were organic free range eggs, sometimes you get little pieces of sh*t on them

When I was young I used to get a empty jar and take a little bit of everything I could find e.g. flour, milk, baking soda, toilet cleaner, my mothers perfume, whatever tablets I could lay my hands on (crushed), to name but a few of the ingredients. I’d then mix them all together. I don’t know why I did it, and my parents used to go mad when they found one of my mixtures, but it didn’t stop me!
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# 10 : Thursday 26-8-2004 @ 11:10
lol i used to pick my scabs too pheonex but i used to eat them too
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# 11 : Thursday 26-8-2004 @ 11:12
**Weird things that kids eat**

My sister went through a stage of salad cream addiction, she put it on everything including fruit cake.

My cousins used to make open sausage sandwiches with ketchup and sugar
on top!

We all used to put vingear on weetbix..
dodgy version of salt and vinegar crisps

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# 12 : Thursday 26-8-2004 @ 11:15
my sister use to eat dog biscuits, beef flavoured
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# 13 : Thursday 26-8-2004 @ 11:16
If people say my sister did this or my cousin did that we will just assume they're covering their tracks
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# 14 : Thursday 26-8-2004 @ 11:19
no no she did it wasn't me strange thing is she's a veggie now
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# 15 : Thursday 26-8-2004 @ 11:19
No the only one I'll admit to was the vinegar weetbix

I was the relatively normal eater in the family.. until I started eating snails and stuff of course
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